More on comfort, corseting and an active life style

Today I heard from my Australian client Emilie who had this to say:Emilie.2

      “I’m 36, I wear my original corset every day, as of now with my new corset (second, tighter corset pictured right)…during the week. When I work I’m wearing my first corset so that’s for about 8 hours then when I get home, I shower and put on my new corset and wear that one for a few hours before getting ready for bed. On the weekends I pretty much wear my new second corset most of the day and at night when I go out, then take it off before going to sleep…often times I’m out late though so I’ll have my corset on for a very long time…and it’s always still comfortable!
    “I haven’t changed my eating habits too much, just can’t eat quite as much when I’m wearing my corset. I haven’t had any digestive problems at all so I haven’t had to change anything I eat…I wouldn’t exactly say that what I eat is the healthiest either…I think the key, at least for me, is just eating less not necessarily going on a diet.
    “I’m quite active since I work as a stable hand with horses and doing property maintenance …so I don’t exercise outside of work, my work is exercise enough! I find wearing my corset really helps with back support and it has never gotten in the way of my moving or being really active…which I think would surprise people unfamiliar with corsets, since I think most of them think of corsets as being super duper restrictive where you can’t move or breathe.”
In late January of this year Emilie ordered her second corset by our corsetiere, Sheri, to whom she is devoted. It’s pictured above, sporting the cute candy-striped binding with a simple ivory  cotton fabric.  She simply will not order from any other corsetiere, having determined that Sheri’s corsets are supremely comfy for her body and lifestyle. She is preparing her third order now, six months later, to have it ready in two months when she is ready to transfer to a slightly tighter corset. We are discussing the proper close of her third corset, tho she prefers 20″ which I believe to be too much. It becomes in some ways tougher to lace down as you lose fat over time and develop tougher muscle, so the going may be slower.
We noted the following changes in Emilie’s measurements in six shorts months of regular corseting:
–rib cage 33
–waist 32 (corset ordered to close 6.5″ down to 25.5″ under corset)
–derriere 41
–rib cage 31.75 (loss of 1.25 inches)
–waist  28 (loss of 4 inches)
–derriere 38 (loss of 3 inches)
Emilie is deservedly proud of her accomplishments to improve her health, figure and posture thru regular corseting. You may not want to wear yours as often as she does after your initial figure shaping efforts, but results can be accomplished in a fairly short time with a bit of effort, as Emilie’s case proves. Way to go, Emilie!

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