Don’t cha just love it? The Tongue Patch

For a New Year’s chuckle you might want to bing “The Tongue Patch” — another “miracle” surgery being done by plastic surgeons, at least by one SoCal surgeon. What won’t folks do in our “quick fix” society in order to lose weight?

Tonight the ABC news had a brief item on Dr. Nikolas Chugay who sews in a patch on the tongue such that the person experiences pain when eating solid food but not liquid food — and therefor doesn’t eat. The patch is removed a month later or so. From the two ladies interviewed by ABC, it sounded a bit as if they were talking with a mouthful of marbles, certain to be noticed by others with whom they socialize.

I guess that’s one way to lose weight, up to 18-20 pounds in one month the surgeon reports.

You can visit Dr. Chugay’s website and read that costs for a lap band surgery  is around $14-15,000 and $18-35,000 for gastric bypass compared to the Tongue Patch at only $2000. Apparently according to the news report, the technique comes from Latin America.

For $2000 ROMANTASY can custom fit a fashionable, fun, beautiful underbust corset in gorgeous silk brocade, including a personal consultation of three hours, for $500 tops. You can wear this comfy corset underneath your clothing, or even out over a glamorous Red Carpet ensemble to get twice your money’s worth. If you gain weight from bad habits re-established after corseting, you merely put that corset back on and enjoy the benefits of portion reduction and diminishment of hunger in a few short days or week, and down your waistline will go once more.

So … you can get four such corsets from ROMANTASY for the price of one tiny Tongue Patch — corsets that don’t cause pain and that will last you 10 to 20 years with proper wear and care. Corsets in the past have taken up to 50 pounds off of one of our clients in three months of proper waist training under our tutelage. More to the point, one client lost 6.5″ in his waistline in four months of training by simply reading our book on the topic and applying the techniques detailed therein.

Yes, we’re not talking one month. But in a general lifetime of 60 or so years, is three months that much more onerous than one month to dedicate to a chosen weight loss strategy? And how “rapid” a result do we really need, at what cost involving cutting and/or suturing?

The surgeon reports that he is “excited about bringing this procedure to Southern California and is thrilled to offer a solution to the eternal search for rapid weight loss techniques.” There is not much information in the news report (nor on the website) about side effects or long term results, leading one to need to conduct more research to get a full and fair idea about the process.

Leaving me to wonder at what other dubious quick fix may become the next latest craze in our rush for results?

(A final point for clarification,  since another plastic surgeon also from SoCal took exception to some questions I raised in another blog after hearing a very brief news report on a different technique he used for weight loss. I am NOT challenging this surgeon’s qualifications to do the procedure or any procedure, nor ‘besmirching’ his reputation as the former surgeon erroneously concluded. I am merely raising questions about the wisdom of folks wanting instantaneous results ,and choosing an option that involves sewing and surgery, versus choosing a time-honored fashionable approach to appetite and hunger control, leading to figure slimming thru corsetry)

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