The Importance of Planning in Waist Training

As I have thought about, studied, and discussed with many clients and corset enthusiast friends, plus read postings of others who pursue waist training, I have gradually shifted my thinking about what makes the process work for some but not for others. I have also considered those students who have come into my three-month coaching program and dropped out, or achieved less that both of us had anticipated in terms of weight loss, waistline inch loss, or both (yes, they are different and you can do them together, or one or the other while waist training). I’ve also thought about a few of my students and clients who have put weight back on over the years after losing it during formal corset waist training.

Michie_3Here is what Michie seen left, my new friend from New Zealand, says (she is training on her own with a corset by team member Jill):

I am SO happy.  I have to say though that with the exercise it takes a bit more planning.  I think I have to get to bed earlier so that I can work it in.  Usually, I wake up and then all I have time for is some stretching otherwise , I exercise but then don’t lace up till  much later.

Two weeks ago we returned from a glorious camping vacation to celebrate my partner’s 50th birthday in Colorado. What a gorgeous state with friendly folk! Yup that’s a visiting moose just a few campsites away, and a grazing, unconcerned Elk that about 30 of us gawking tourists photographed in Rocky Mt. National Park!So much grass, so little time....web

Coming home I decided I didn’t want to end up looking  like a moose, and that my partner and I had used the vacation plus too many other “special” occasions, to justify pigging out. It’s easy to get off track and ignore one’s expanding figure, tho we know better in our heads. And we had gotten off track.

The first thing I decided to change was my behavior. I decided to plan for shopping and meals. I started pulling out recipes for healthy dishes, planned what to cook a few days in advance, and followed my plan. I set aside time while preparing dinner each day to prepare healthy snacks for my partner to take to work, in order to dissuade him from reaching into the work cookie machine for bad stuff. I also prepared enough of the snack to leave me some for the next day, too. We didn’t quit eating desserts, I just cut our portions way back, and also upped the amount of veggies on our plate. I read recently that half your plate should be veggies, 1/4 meat, and 1/4 starch. But I even excluded starch from three meals a week, and added fruit to our dessert menu instead of sugared sweets.

So far, so good! Now we’ll see if we keep it up beyond two weeks!

Yes, it takes time out of your busy day —  getting a plan in place, then implementing it. It takes a decision to do so, and that decision requires the use of your logical mind and “nurturing” parent who cares about your health. It’s just that simple and also, that complicated.

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  1. Michelle Millard

    That is BRILLIANT Ann and VERY TRUE! All of it. Making the time to plan and then time to implement can be so different. NOT Making a plan equals planning to fail. I also marked the fact that if I eat or drink before lacing up, this has (in my opinion) a severe impact on how far I can lace down to. Also drinking water after lacing helps with appetite suppression. I am AM loosing weight!!! I lost 4 pounds.



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