Typical (but still amazing) progress by current waist-training student

For students in my three-month coaching program in waist training, I ask for a weekly report of weight, and rib, waist and derriere measurements. What we look for is not dramatic or immediate change, but a downward trend developing over the weeks. Sometimes that trend manifests itself early, sometimes late in the program, depending on the student.

In this, my current student’s fourth week of training which is almost over, she noted a 4.5 lb weight loss (starting at 142 lbs) and a 1.5″ waistline loss (starting at 31″). She has been faithfully following her daily (less one day per week) corset wearing plan, plus adopting food intake practice changes, including eating eight times per day with healthier snacks so that she doesn’t get late-morning, or late-afternoon hunger pangs at work. All these elements work together for this student — as they can work for you! Our student reports she’s at a level 7 on our subjective scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being ‘piece of cake’ and 10 being ‘in pain’ considering all elements of waist training. That’s about right, because the process should be challenging but never really painful. The process works because it is a gradual, moderate one that honors health, well-being, and the body’s daily messages to us as to what is right to do. We’ll soon post mid-term photos of this student’s photos and compare them to her ‘before’ photos to visualize changes taking place.

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