Functional can Also be Beautiful in Waist Training Corsetry

How often do clients serious about waist training come to us and ask “what is the best corset for me?” But, then when it comes to function, price and ordering, they opt for basic black cotton and no frills. That might be fine for some, but consider this:

Take a look at this gorgeous most-recent underbust Victorian corset by Jill, the youngest member of our corset-making team at ROMANTASY. You may click on the picture for a closer look.  It’s truly lovely and functional, both!

The patterned paisley silk added a modest upcharge ($40) to the basic price and the client can work on waist training with this corset, yet feel feminine at the same time! Plus the lovely fabric enables her to wear the corset out with a springtime dress or pair of slacks. We say that the more ways you wear your waist training corset, the better will be your investment. Choosing a color or fancier fabric can enlarge your uses for your corset.

We’ve lowered some underbust style prices lately to encourage exploration of quality corseting. For those who want to ‘test the waters’ but aren’t quite ready for a full-on four layer, double boned training corset, we can’t help but recommend our lined Basic Line Victorian by Jill or Sharon, from $175 to $225 in our top quality cotton-backed satin. It’s not for long term tight-lacing or training because it’s only single boned and double-layered (you may also order a single layer for a lighter corset), but with this corset you could commence initial training and getting used to corseting and the slight rigidity you will feel on your body. In addition, you can explore changes in your breathing patterns and other physical sensations while wearing this modestly-priced, fully custom corset:

We’re happy to advise on measurements and other fabric choices!


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