Preparing for Waist Training

Lately I’ve been concentrating on another unique element of waist training, and that is the pre-training period of time. This may be the time during which you are awaiting delivery of your corset. Normally corset production takes from one to three or even more months. Most folks become quite enthusiastic to begin training during this time, and the motivation can be put to productive use before the actual corset arrives.

The first thing we recommend is that you purchase a training belt. The belt can vary in terms of fabric from which it is constructed but should be from 2 to 4″ wide. We recommend you push in at your waist with your thumb under your lowest rib and first finger on your pelvic bone, determine that width and order accordingly. From time to time ROMANTASY offers a belt of heavy lattigo leather, however, we are not in production presently. Normally any leather belt should have a flap under the buckle to protect the skin. You may see such a belt being worn at the left above, and the suggested flap on the image immediately to the left.. Note that you should never wear a belt directly on the skin in order to avoid excessive perspiring and/or skin pinching.Wear your belt over a very tight tshirt or cami or chemise not made out of cotton, but out of microfiber or other synthetic material. Cotton retains moisture and the less moisture under your belt, the less chance of skin itching and eventual breakdown.

We also recommend the Valeo brand, Classic Back Support. This product can be seen here: It can be found in two basic strengths and in widths of 4″ and 6″, and locally purchased at various sports distributors such as Sports Authority shops. The belt sells for approximately $20.  Online purchases will add about $11 to the overall cost. A newcomer to corseting might want to order the lighter weight belt which is about $3 less  than the heavier model:

Valeo responded to a recent email that “99% of our products are sold on Also, if you go to and do a retail search after clicking on the “Fitness Tab” you can do a local retail search by zip code. If you provide me with a zip code, I would be happy to do it.” John Collins. You may reach Mr. Colins or 1-888-838-9144.

This nylon belt will also take on the contours of your torso much like a lattigo leather belt, and can sustain many pounds of waistline pressure as does a leather belt. Because it adjusts to your body, it therefore becomes more comfortable the more you wear it.

Finally, we often recommend that a client search their own closet or go to a used clothing store to purchase a wide leather belt. Often sturdy belts at very low cost can be found there. Even a sturdy wide plastic belt might work. It can be worn over a dress or top and appear quite fashionable. To prepare for that tight belt, I start with my high school red leather lighter weight belt and cinch tightly. Then I change to the first grommet of my Training Belt and go from there .

However, it might be worth it to take some time and invest in a higher quality belt that will last. For example, my lattigo leather Training Belt is my ‘go to’ item when I have not corseted for some time and want to recover my slim waistline and ability to tight lace. It’s now 10 years old and has seen quite a bit of use. It’s also rather handsome with a royal blue leather leaf design so it can be worn over a dress or top for a fashionable look.

As said, any belt should be from 2 to 3″ wide or in the case of the fabric belt, perhaps 4″ wide. Too stiff or wide of a belt will permit the upper edges to dig into your lower ribs and upper pelvic bone during the seasoning process and can hurt. Care must be taken to go slowly in cinching the belt down, just like during the corset seasoning process.

What Bret, one of our remarkable waist training coaching students recommends, is that the Valeo belt be cinched down to a snug level and worn several hours a day for a week, then gradually tightened and build up hours of wear. Before your corset arrives, try sleeping with the belt on. Choose a weekend day when you will not need to go to work the next day, in case you cannot sleep well when you first try. It took me five nights of trying to sleep with a corset loosely laced before I succeeded. At first I would wake up about 4 am and have to bound out of bed and take the belt off! Eventually it became second nature to sleep tightly corseted.

In the next blog I’ll share more ideas from Bret and I about what to do to prepare for corset waist training. Please send us your ideas, as well!


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