Waist training results from two

I’m often asked if waist training with corsets really works. It’s true for my client s and coaching students, but I’m always pleased to hear from others who also reach their goals. Recently I sold a 15″ corset to a lady who started about a year ago to waist train. Her original waist size was 28″ and she was 5’2″ and weighed 125 lbs. Today her waist varies from 18 to 19″ and she can corset down 2″ rather readily and for 20 hours per day.

That kind of daily corseting and discipline is not for everyone to be sure. But for those who like to challenge themselves, the process can work remarkably well.

A client purchased a Sharon “Bella” underbust Victorian corset a year ago and recently sent me her before and after images. She is 5’7″ and started at 180 lbs. She’s now 135 lbs. and says, “The corset has truly helped me obtain the figure I dreamed of, and I seriously cannot thank you guys enough. Thank you so so SO much.”

Congrats to both ladies for their remarkable success. It’s not always an easy process because some days your body will rebel. We have a chapter in our book “Corset Magic” that deals with strategies to overcome the rebellion.

What strategies have you used?


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