$50,000 boot camp for overweight teens plus pod weight reduction? What’s next?

Ya just gotta laugh at how much money some folks have, to spend on teenagers who can’t push back from the table from parents who don’t know how to help. GMA today covered a boot camp where the year’s tuition is only $6000 per month — “not that much considering the cost of obesity” said the reporter.

Let’s see. For $50,000 you could purchase our three-month waist training program times ten (that’s over a year), five $600 top quality waist-training corsets  in increasingly smaller waist sizes, purchase a gym membership, purchase all organic foods and hire a personal chef three days per week for dinner each year. Why is it this society loves to throw money at problems? To be sure, the teen has to put out maximum physical and emotional effort because it isn’t easy according to the story, so more power to those who enroll. But I often wonder why corset waist training (at least for the girls and at least with informed medical supervision by forward-thinking doctors) hasn’t been tried? It’s not promoted by the medical establishment as one friend speculated and I surmise, rather accurately so, because of lawyers only too willing to take on too-willing plaintiffs who might do something foolish and be injured. However, I’ve never heard of any injury much more serious that a few sore ribs from wearing a stiff, new corset for too long a period of time. Overdoing the corset wearing can result in dizziness and I suppose, increase the risk of falling and injury–but so can starving oneself to reach model-thin proportions, or choosing five-inch stilettos in which to run (and contestants really RUN!) Kelly Ripa’s silly but entertaining Central Park contest each year.

So what about the new fad of saran-wrapping a body and being inserted into a pod where lasers are used to “address wrinkles, acne, and weight reduction” according to another news story? I didn’t catch the cost of each treatment, but did catch that there is no proof this works in weight reduction or figure-shaping.

Leaves one wondering; what will be next? I chatted recently with a lady who started with a 28″ waist and on her own, coupled with proper nutrition and moderate exercise, wore a corset for two years and dropped to a 20″ natural waist. While that’s an incredibly rare result lying on the outer edges and requiring patience and dedication beyond the norm, more moderate but noteworthy waist trimming is typical of most anyone who gives corset waist training a serious try.

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