“I can’t breathe — I can’t move in a corset!” – -Balderdash!

I found the most bizarre article mid-January about corsetry. It was published online by an author and blogger who seems to fancy herself a ‘creative writer’ and quasi-corset-sociopsychologist.  I might or might not set it forth for your consideration later.

Suffice it to say that the article was generally full of balderdash and poppycockery to the max, plus perhaps worse for those of us who still use and respect the English language and clear writing, replete with nonsensical sentences. One point the uninformed author made about corsets was that they rendered the body inflexible and immobile to the max.

Take a peek at this photo that my webmistress found on a former ROMANTASY webpage, taken at a fashion show held at my original boutique in San Francisco. I sponsored the event about 1997 or 1998, before I closed my retail venture. In it you will see a body contortionist who attended, wearing my own 1901 True Grace 1901 corset in blue satin with lace overlay. (Don’t panic:  she is discretely clad, more than you may think, wearing a net top and a solid G-string below the corset!) She is sitting on the stage with admiring corseted models including our corsetiere Sheri Jurnecka in the center, looking on. This lady amazed me with her bending and twisting performance and agility, proving beyond doubt that night the fallacious nature of our misinformed author’s statements as well as disproving many common prejudices against the corset.

I’ve been boogying the night away on several occasions tightly corseted, as have other corset enthusiast informants. My GF Robby (seen in the photo left wearing a green skirt and black BR Creations corset) wears a white cotton BR underbust corset for back support when she plays golf. Some informants from Europe told me they even ride bikes for 20 or more miles while tightly laced.

I’d be curious to hear from you if you have exercised in a corset, or done more corseted than just walk around like rigid zombies that some folk imagine us corset enthusiasts to be!



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6 responses to ““I can’t breathe — I can’t move in a corset!” – -Balderdash!

  1. I am a fitness instructor and on some days I keep my tightlacing corset on, it indirectly helps me clear the heavy barbells and dumbells 😛

  2. Beth


    I exercise regularly in my corsets. I wonder if the author was wearing a new corset with appropriate instructions for seasoning? I could imagine that wearing one that hadn’t conformed well to her body might feel constricting. But I do everything in my corset without any trouble at all.


    • Hi Beth,

      Thanks for your comment and great to hear from you! Is there a reason you exercise in a corset vs. without wearing one? The author of the article I read clearly has never worn one, or perhaps as you suggest, went too far too fast with lacing down a new corset and hours of wear. I always have to laugh at this rather common (sadly) misconception about corsets, that they are completely rigid and uncomfy to the max. When you hear increasingly more news these days about how many of us women have ruined our feet by wearing high heels for years (including me, as I as I suffer a bunion), it becomes quite laughable that many folks think we’ll cause ourselves damage by wearing corsets. Consider that corsets tight laced appear to move organs and flesh around about the same or much less than a woman having a baby! No one worries too much about that these days or inveigles against women having babies….need I say more? –Ann

  3. susan

    I love my corset and love to dance. I noticed I can do just as much if not more in more corset. I like doing moves where the stomach really moves. I found that I actually have more strength to accomplish the moves with integrity. Yes at first you do feel tied up but when I tried dance moves, I was surprised I could do them better. With almost all exercise you need to hold your stomach in with a corset its doing that for you, therefore you getting a more effective work out.

  4. susan

    I would also like to say I’m amazed by what I’m not feeling. So let me clarify what I mean. So Monday I started my monthly happy time, thinking to myself do I really want to put myself in a corset with cramps and bloating, I decided to go for it, its not like I cant take it off it became too much. Usually the first two days I have a ring around the circus pain. Cramps that in circle my stomach to my back and pelvic area. I usually end up taken Advil to kill the pain. By the end of the first day nothing, no pain, no medicine, just my corset. Well I’ll probably experience pain tomorrow, but nothing. Now day three and its like I’m not even on it. If someone told me that all your pain would be gone by putting on a corset and wouldn’t believe them. But its true, its amazing.

    • Hi Susan, I’m so glad you discovered this stroke of Corset Magic! I’ve heard it before!! I don’t know why more women who suffer cramps monthly, don’t try this. I’m pleased to hear your experience. DId you keep wearing the corset every day of your monthlies? How tightly down did you lace from your normal waist size? Are you an experienced corset wearer or newbie? How many hours per day did you wear it? More facts will help flesh out your experience, since the “devil is in the details.” Come back soon! Ann

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