Compression Garments Improve Muscle Fatique

I’m always happy when a corset enthusiast correspondent and/or client sends me research from reputable groups or reports, that relate to the beneficial results of corseting. There are so many claims out there that corsets cause physical damage, that I’m always happy to see research to the contrary!

Thus, I was gratified to hear from Milton Simmons, M.D., a physician consultant,  referring me to this January 21, 2012 news report:

“Dale Lovell and colleagues at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, measured lactate levels in 25 rugby players after they’d exercised wearing either spandex-like compression garments or regular shorts.

Lactate levels were significantly lower in players kitted out in the compression garments, possibly because they stimulate blood flow that clears the substance.”

We receive numerous inquiries about our experience and information relating to the possible detrimental physical results of corseting and waist training. As a consequence we added an FAQ page on health, and hope it may be helpful to you:

If you know of other health-related information including reputable studies and reports, I would be grateful to learn about them!




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