“Illusion Dressing”: a new interest in the bottom half (butt pads)

Although this blog focuses primarily on serious waist-training and healthy corseting matters, from time to time I am persuaded to post on the topic of fashion. This morning on my favored a.m. news show, GMA, I was amazed to hear about a new butt-lift garment or girdle (I forget the brand name being featured). It can cost from $19 to $45. A pair of jeans at about $100 now features two internal back pockets with add-on butt pads.

That’s amazing to me on several scores. First, I have been blessed or cursed by an ample rear end, compared to my small frame and Kelly-like (of Regis and Kelly fame) petite upper parts.  I’m usually focused on the other end! 🙂 Second, I know personally and know from historical reading about corsets, that visually, corsets create  an enhanced derriere and an enhanced bosom. Victorians called it “illusion dressing” and men railed against us wicked women who used it and tricked them into marrying us, then on the wedding night, our butts and bosoms disappeared as we undressed.  So much for sexist, superficial men who got what they deserved, right?

Because of this visual fashion effect, my MTF clients are well-advised upon starting their  journey to become transwomen, not to indulge in expensive, invasive enhancement surgery of top or bottom. Try a $300 to $600 corset first and enjoy immediate results —  and then adjust the figure silhouette with surgery if needed from that point on, especially since waist-training can have permanent figure-shaping and waist-reducing results.

So even if you wear corsets to trim your waist or provide back support, there will be certain fashion and other figure benefits!


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2 responses to ““Illusion Dressing”: a new interest in the bottom half (butt pads)

  1. Haha butt push-ups. I never needed anything in that area thankfully. But otherwise I’m a complete ruler, A-cups and all too. Thankfully, Jill’s corset really gives me my dream waist.

  2. michelle

    As a MTF, I started corseting about four years ago. I was 35 29 35 at 145 lbs. Thru sleeptime corsetry, cardio, core resistant workouts, proper diet and sleep and of course, hormones, I have managed to transform my body into a feminine, healthy 36 26 36 135lb. Wearing one of Ann’s beautiful corsets, my waist drops to a comfortable 24. It took two years to achieve these changes and I’ve managed to maintain them for the last two years. Waist training does work and the results are healthy and beautiful. Thanks Ann!

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