Getting Health Insurance to Pay for a Corset and IRS rules re: weight loss

This season that is upon us sometimes brings more hurry and stress that we would like. Humor always seem to bring balance back to me and I hope, to you, too. I just ran across an amusing article my mom sent me from the Contra Costa Times dated March 7, 2002. Don’t know how I missed posting it until now.

At this time of year we also start to think about closing out our year’s books and (gulp!) tax time! Yikes! The article above somewhat amuses me on this score, and says:

“If you plan to lose weight this year you may also be able to lighten your tax burden. The IRS now allows taxpayers to deduct certain weight loss programs as a medical expense.” You must be directed by a doctor to lose weight, and diet foods, spa visits and non prescription weight loss rememdies cannot be deducted. Check out the rules for taxes in 2011 and you might be pleasantly surprised!

If so then you might ask your doctor if he/she could prescribe our three-month coaching program with corsets, and refer them to our Corsets-Waist Training button on our website,!! We know that some insurers like Blue Cross will in fact cover part of a corset cost if ordered for losing weight or even back support, and prescribed by a doctor. Nothing ventured — nothing gained!

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  1. BMR

    Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.

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