Morning Madness and More Surgery for Full Figures

Today I was gobsmacked to view on Good Morning America, yet another “new” bariatric surgery named after the surgeon, Dr. Treen, I believe. I did not get the precise spelling of the technique, but it apparently removes great chunks of stomach and places the stomach somehow lower on the instestines? I’ll be researching more on this and reporting back. But for now, the doctor reports that the surgery removes or reduces the ghrelin hormone secretions with resulting reduction in hunger. The secret is apparently creating “bite size meals.”

So does corset waist training have all these effects — without general anaesthesia (a risk in itself), without major skin and organ removal, without a recovery period, without scarring, and without a hefty price tag ($25,00 to $50,000 would be my bet).

For those who by virtue of unfortunate genetics or poor lifestyle choices (or both) exceed the figure size that is conducive to a long and healthy life, the surgery may well make sense. Certainly the lady interviewed as the main proponent of the surgery has lost four dress sizes in one year and 135 lbs. and appeared very happy with the results.

However, I would bet that had she first tried corset waist training perhaps along with our year-long coaching program as well, she might well have lost as much in that first year.

In four months of waist-training without coaching but by following our recommended program,  my best student lost 34 pounds and 6.5″ off his 5’6″ frame. Multiply that times 3 for a years’ continued effort, and you get a possible 102 lb. weight loss and a 10″ to 12″ waistline loss.

Anyone with further information on this new surgery and its beneficial results are welcome to join the discussion and provide further elucidation.



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