Putting Corsets and Waist Training in a Larger Context–and the State

I sometimes like to think about corseting and waist training in a larger context. Today on a libertarian news summary website I read an  article whose author had attended an ancestral health movement convention. She said, “the root of the problem for our obese, sick, unhealthy society: omnipotent government and its creation and perpetuation of the medical-pharmaceutical-nutritional-corporate state complex that makes people sick and keeps them sick for the sake of market share and continuing profits.” See http://lewrockwell.com/decoster/decoster183.html

This was the first time I had heard about the “primal-paleo or ancestral health movement .” According to the writer this movement “battle(s) to establish self-ownership and keep the state out of our bodies and out of our kitchens. ”

As I’ve paid more attention since the 2008 recession to politics and economics and read a heckuva lot more (just completed In Fed We Trust, a great book seeming to explain well and clearly the run up to spring 2009 and the role of the Fed), I’ve moved toward a libertarian understanding of most things, and toward less governmental control and intervention. I should add at this point that I am not a registered party member and can’t really ever be (a political topic outside the direct or indirect pale of this blog and my corset business!). But it’s interesting to think about my commitment to healthy corseting and waist training, and the role of the already too-large and too-powerful state in the obesity epidemic. I suppose I agree in major part with the speaker at the reported conference who said: “The system wants to keep you sick because everyone makes money from you being sick.”

But at some level that statement is overbroad and simplistic and doesn’t seem  helpful because it’s self-evident. Commercials “force” us to want something and buy certain products. What the government says is the proper food group choices “forces” us to want something.  I’ve long heard that some shrinks want us to stay stressed out so we keep coming for therapy and some medical docs want us to still believe that antibiotics can cure the common cold so they can prescribe them.

But even if we are sick, someone somewhere wants us to solve our sickness by buying their product, and not their competitors’ product. So Pfizer quashes the movement to produce a less expensive generic Viagra (wins in court claiming the Pfizer patent is still valid). So Dr. Atkins claims protein is the “Answer.”

The problem to me is that we fall for this or that ultimate “cure” or “advice” and fail to do our own homework to dig beneath the claims and go for the facts, then make up our own mind. We give too much credence to “the experts.”

The one thing the author said with which I cannot agree is:  “The ancestral health community is so good at using Twitter as a timesaving intelligence tool that transmits relevant data right to your phone, right now, when the story, blog, or research link is fresh and relevant. Twitter is a tool that circumvents the gatekeepers of conventional wisdom and keeps the facts and truth circulating in spite of what the media and establishment want you to know. ”

Twitter (and blogs and the web) can just as easily pass on incorrect, poorly researched, non-factual hype, and in that way Twitter also keeps the facts and truth from circulating.

We can never eschew personal responsibility for doing our best to unearth facts on our own, or forget what Aristotle said which to this day is my very best advice to anyone seeking a svelte figure:  Moderation in all!



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