More on Hunger

The result of waist training with corsets that keenly interests me most recently, is hunger. I had a nice telecall from a new client from West, Va. today, and she was a bit frustrated with her first two weeks of waist training on her own. She had decided to get more detailed information by chatting with me and purchasing my Corset Magic book. I was delighted to learn that she had listened to a 12-minute review on YouTube by corset enthusiast, Bishon! I’d like to sincerely thank Bishon for getting the word out, because to my knowledge the book is still the most extensive, health-oriented waist training guide book that has been written to date.

I asked the results of the lady’s first two weeks on the matter of portion control and hunger. She found that if she ate her normal speed and amount, she quickly went into a kind of agony if she kept her corset on. But she had jumped into the process a bit too fast, to my mind. She began corseting from 7 to 10 hours on a daily basis! No wonder her tummy was moaning in protest after eating a normal-sized meal, even if she had slowed down a bit as she said. We discussed slowing down even more and dividing her food intake into eight portions, more like grazing (as I notice that my two new 16-week old kittens do, coming and going to their food bowls many times during the day).

Of most interest to me was her comment that after she ate, she felt full for much longer a period than normal and did not have to think about food. I had never heard anyone say this before, and I wonder if you, also have experienced this? Many students have told me that hunger seems to dissipate and some report it even disappears entirely after two to four weeks of training, so that much I knew, but this was a new spin on the concept. What do you know?


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