Food choices — still one of only a few keys to figure control

Dr. Richard Besser of GMA today summarized some extensive research on obesity and weight control as we age. The general rule is we put on one pound per year of our lives as we age (I assume that’s over age 40 or 50) and that’s primarily from bad food choices, says Besser.

What’s the worst choice? My ears perked up: chips of any kind, then fries next. Eat one serving of chips per day (who does that, I ask you?) and you gain 3 lbs in 10 yrs. Eat fries each day and you gain 10 lbs in 10 years.

But add just one hour of exercise per week and that can help. Not so bad. I can do that!

Not all that surprising, right? But easier said than done. Keep that corset on to control hunger which is one of two primary factors the doctors tell us that most defeat our attempts to diet and control weight(the other factor is stress). And get out there in sunny summer days and garden. That’s my chosen strategy and therapy when it’s warm, but not too warm.


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