Online dieting works better in two regards than in-person programs

The national news on June 3 reported that online weight loss programs compared to in-person programs function about equally well, but online participants in one study reported more positive changes in their eating and exercise habits. This augurs well for ROMANTASY’S email-style coaching program which includes occasional phone calls and letters, and always includes a Training Buddy who is our former student, as an additional resource.

We’re happy to announce a great result for our spring online corset waist-training student Ashlee from Alabama! Wearing a comfy custom corset made by Sharon on our ROMANTASY team, Ashlee was pleased with her results, altho they fell a bit short of her original goals. However, we view her program a success, as does she. Take a look at her notable figure-slimming and incredible posture change for the better! Our current male student has demonstrated similar results in only seven weeks of training, and we’re rooting for his success in a few more weeks.

Ashlee reported at the end of training that she lost 3″ in her waistline and 10 pounds, and said that the most memorable part of her three-month coaching program was “The positive feeling I got from doing something healthy for myself in a way that make me feel feminine/attractive.” What most surprised her about training was “That corsets aren’t as restrictive as I thought.  Just had to learn how to move in them but was still able to live day to day as normal while wearing.” As for advice to new students, she says “Don’t give up!  Listen to what your body tells you and follow the guidance of those involved in your program.  They know what they are talking about :)”

By the end of a training period of three months, Ashlee was wearing her corset at 37.5″ (measured over the corset) for 16 comfy hours, and was heading to a tighter level with her maintenance plan in place. She started the program wearing a corset for only about six hours at a 42″ measurement. The only difficulties she reported were “It was hard to get my eyes to adjust to what my stomach could hold” and that “the most difficult for me was exercise.  I felt better and slept better on the days that I exercised.  The floor exercises really helped strengthen my core; I can tell a major difference in the way I support myself now.”

Corseting six days per week was important as a motivator. Ashlee said that “This was the most fun for me.  To me, the wearing portion of the program was actually like a reward!  I thought that if I ate well and did all my exercises that I deserved to wear my corset.  I was proud that I fit into it properly and got see that I got to look fantastic!  Towards the end of the week, before my off day, and as the wearing tightness and hours got more difficult, it was harder to see it that way.  But I would look at wearing my corset as a personalized way of spoiling myself and I enjoyed doing so every day.”

FUN – FASHIONABLE — FEMININE! Corset waist training works for most women students, as well as men — if they work it!

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