“I told you so!” and other hunger-cutting tales of corset waist training

I was delighted to receive this recent email after two weeks of waist training from my present coaching student. I have compared corsets to gastric banding in effect, knowing that it functions in the same way. It is an external “band” that prohibits the tummy from expanding — and boy! Can our stomachs expand. They can grow to nine times their at-rest size! That’s why and how we can so easily over-eat and end up feeling bloated and miserable. Here’s what Carl said to demonstrate the effect:

I’ve had weight issues my entire life.  Believe me when I say it is very rare for me to feel full at any point unless I am absolutely gorging on something.  I had a ham sandwich on a high fiber wrap (mustard only) and a strawberry smoothie (w/fiber additive).  About 435 calories…one of the larger meals for the day.  Before training this would be considered a pretty light lunch for me, nothing that would even remotely make me feel full.

After the sandwich I got about 2/3 of the way through the smoothie and realized I had slowed down quite a bit even beyond my now reduced pace.  It suddenly hit me that I was feeling very full.  I could finish the smoothie but did NOT want anything else.

You must be used to this, but it is new to me.   I was ecstatic!  I knew in theory the corset would help me feel this way, but this is the first time I felt it strongly.  I am VERY VERY happy.  Anybody would have a real hard time convincing me to remove the corset right now.”

Do you have any information on hunger and how your corsets have cut back on the sensation, when and how long, or if it disappeared all together with waist training?


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