Zenocal and other Diet Drugs: “Not Very Effective”–but Diet and Exercise?

Dr. Richard Besser of GMA commenting this morning on the FDA possibly pulling Zenocal and other diet drugs from the market due to cases of liver failure, gall stones and pancreatitis (not to mention side effects of loose stools, belly pain and cramps), also said that Zenocal and other diet drugs are “not very effective.”

Considering the side effects, and considering the risks (although only 17 cases of liver failure, 73 of gall stones, and 47 of pancreatitis have been reported in the examined (unknown) period),  why waste the money?

But what blew me away was his other statement that “diet and exercise are not very effective.”

And if you believe that, m’dear, I have a bridge to sell…

What does Dr. Besser know that I don’t? I’ve always heard that exercise is good for us?  More good for us the older and creakier we get. And diet? Sure, crash diets don’t work, but carefully watching what one eats, how one eats, and portion size, lead to the proper waist size (anything over 35″ for women and 40″ for men is a sign of danger for many health problems), body fat content, and generally good health.

If I’m one of the 17 cases of liver failure, I wonder if I would wish I had tried the corset waist training plan first? Besser like most people in America haven’t a clue what that’s all about. Oprah — despite being approached by me three times with a program proposal — never responded (except “no” by way of ignoring my letters, book, and detailed images of my successful students). People continue to claim that aside from drugs and surgery, there is very little that works.

But you readers and my clients and students know otherwise. I wonder if those Zenocal takers, once informed about corsets, would rather have invested about $260 (or more, if you prefer finer fabrics and more experience in your corsetiere, or a particular complex style) in a fine waist training corset that will last them about 10 to 20 years?  What would hold them back? And, we can shrink the girth of a corset by about 1 to 3 or more inches if you lose a lot of weight, at half or less of the cost of a new corset.

Speaking of corsets, we received a plaintive email from a drag queen who purchased a readymade underbust corset (in the image, it is the right-most corset) and then a stud popped off the front busk, making her investment of about $100 basically wasted save for prior wear (we hope she got good use out of it!). No one she approached could fix it, not even the company that sold it to her, because they don’t make their living by service or by customer after-care services as we do. We’re taking it on to replace the busk for her at our normal cost plus a premium, and we advised her to examine the U shape silhouette, and compare it to our lovely wasp or hourglass shapes that keep corsets from pressing down on that hipbone to cause discomfort or numbness as one laces down. Hopefully she’ll see the difference, as will you, and come to ROMANTASY when you want the full picture about what you are purchasing and what you are getting, compared to what you need and desire — and within the confines of your budget!


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3 responses to “Zenocal and other Diet Drugs: “Not Very Effective”–but Diet and Exercise?

  1. Carl

    The quote sited here from Dr. Besser surprised me so I had to look it up and confirm. Here is the full quote:

    “Well I’m not a big diet drug fan but there’s not a lot to offer to people who are trying to lose weight and we know that diet and exercise on their own are not very effective.”

    You can see the complete clip here:


    After viewing the clip I have to wonder whether Dr. Besser just misspoke/didn’t make a complete statement, or is he a victim of indoctrination into the pharmaceutical approach many doctors see as the only way to solve a problem?

    If I were to give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he meant to say “diet and exercise on their own, as implemented/attempted by the vast majority of the people, are not very effective.” He could have been trying to say any or all of the following about most people who try to control their weight:

    – They choose an unrealistic diet. A diet can be unrealistic in a variety of ways: financially unsustainable by forcing the person to buy packaged meals at an exorbitant cost, unpalatable by expecting the person to eat foods they can’t stand, unhealthy by failing to meet basic nutritional needs, or unsatisfying by allowing unreasonably small portions that leave the person hungry and wanting more even after eating.

    – They choose an ineffective or unrealistic exercise routine. Both incomplete and over-the-top exercise routines can be ineffective but for different reasons. An incomplete routine will not include enough work or the proper types of work to produce results. An over-the-top routine will be so difficult or time consuming as to be unsustainable over the long-term. How many home gyms/exercise machines or ultimate workouts are out there?

    – No matter what diet and exercise improvements a person may choose to make, they rarely stick with it and adopt them as a permanent part of their lifestyle. If a person fails to make a permanent change is it correct to call the diet and exercise “not very effective”?

    With our lack of education and all the fad nonsense out there supported by an onslaught of advertising and unproven claims, is any of this really surprising to anyone?

    There could also be another reason for his statement, one with darker implications. Is it possible that the medical establishment has given up on people or given in to the drug company propaganda/media hype to the point where they believe that it is impossible to lose weight without taking a drug? What does that say about our future?

    Ann, I would love to see you on Oprah or another other talk show with some visibility. Sadly however you have to deal with at least a century of folklore and tall tales that will probably prevent most people from even considering corsets as part of health regimen. I applaud your efforts to get people (including me) into corsets for their own good. Fight the good fight.

  2. Thanks for this detailed survey of Dr. Besser’s actual words and the video reference which I advise folks to view! It’s important to be correct in what one hears and reports, but I surmise that in essence I got his comment right. Sadly, our short-tempered natures these days lead news reports to be truncated, and not all that helpful. Comments such as yours are indeed, helpful to engage us in a deeper analysis of why what is, is. Thanks again for your clarification and encouragement, and keep on track!

  3. Qսiϲk weight loss diets are ոot intended for prolonged use.
    It’s not аbout starving – It’s about moderation. The second is called the juice or wɑter which iѕ thе most

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