“Does It Really Work?”

I’m often asked the question, “Does corset waist training really work?” I always reply:  “It works if you work it!”

The picture after only five weeks of dedicated six-day-per-week corset wear, good nutrition and eating practices, and waist-targeted exercises, tells it all (apologies for the posterizing effect on the ‘after’ image; we are working on improving it).

Two inches dropped off our coaching program student’s body in that time with about a five pound weight loss. Clearly, losing weight and counting calories are not all that important to make huge and beneficial changes!

When we lose weight we lose fat first and put on muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. That is why I don’t worry if weight comes off slowly; I’m more concerned about looking for downward trends in both inches and weight, and seeing visible changes in posture, evident here.

Our student’s son, partner, mom and friends all notice the difference, and comment positively. That’s one common occurrence if you decide to waist train, and it can motivate dedication to the program and the sometimes-tough days you may encounter. You can use vanity to your advantage in that way.

You’ll likely nip 2 to 3″ off your waist with your new corset the first day, and then build up to longer hours of wear and even more restriction over time with care and relative comfort. The secret is dedication to long hours of moderate corset wear — and the proper hourglass or wasp silhouetted custom underbust corset, either Victorian high hipped or Edwardian long lined. We hope you’ll ask questions and learn as much as you can about fact-based and health-focused corset waist training, a fun and fashionable way to reshape your figure!


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24 responses to ““Does It Really Work?”

  1. M.G

    Hi I have a little belly and I have been trying so hard to get it flat over the years but it’s hard. I’m a semi thick girl and I was wondering is possible that wearing a a corset will flatten my stomach without having a pooch and also creating more curves to my body? Your advice is needed please :/

    • Hello M.Green, Join the crowd! It’s the truth that as we age, especially genetic women, we tend to get little pooches in our bellies, but I wonder, isn’t this to some extent, characteristic of we curvy ladies, and not to be completely eschewed? I’ve seen such odd bodies on ladies who pursue liposuction to render their lower bellies absolutely flat — and then the rest of their body is soft and curvy. The disconnect is clear and awkward to my eye. Much better is to tone our waistline muscles, the obliques, and work on toning and tightening that pesky cross torso transverse muscle under the belly button along with general daily wear of corsets (minus one day per week) to control portion size — and miraculously, cut back hunger. So yes to a certain limited extent, if you combine moderate targeted exercises with wearing a corset to control portion size and encourage proper food choices, the belly fat can diminish. I’ve also seen love handles in men and women flatten out with this process and even disappear, when liposuction seems not to impact those at all! Certainly it’s worth giving corset training a try before rushing off to go under the knife and pay $5000 to $10000 for lipo that may or may not give you the figure silhouette you desire after all. If you need more information please email me at inquiry@romantasy.com and I’m happy to chat. Also read our corsets-waist training pages and the first chapter in my book on this magical process to see if it might be something you would enjoy and find beneficial.

  2. N

    I’m relativity small, but still have the soft belly from having a baby years ago and not getting back into shape. I’ve been exercising for 7months now and still haven’t gotten that flat belly. I had to change my diet for health reasons so I’m all good there. Its frustrating I feel the muscles under the 2 inch layer fat, its like I’m so close but so far. I know individual results may vary but I bought my first corset, should be arriving in the mail today but what would you say the average person loses in say two weeks. Fyi I’ve got a 32″ waist and looking to be a 28″ waist, so even how long does it averagely take one person to lose four inches with exercise. I do zumba 3 times a week about an hour and kickboxing twice a week and hour a class.

    • Hi Susan, Congrats on getting your first corset, hopefully fully custom for the best fit and most comfort while waist training. First, if you have had a Caesarian, then the transverse muscle under your belly button running horizontally across the torso, has been cut and that will make it tough to tone or tighten the lower belly. Even if you had a natural delivery, work those obliques and avoid front situps that work the rectus muscle. Second, zumba (and kick boxing) is a good core strengthening program but also is primarily aerobic as I understand it. During corset waist training, you need to target the obliques and add in floor exercises, maybe 30-45 min. per day five days a week. Third and final, it’s impossible for me to say how long it might take you to lose four inches; corseting and weight gain/loss has to do with so many individual factors including genetics. From my past 16 or so years of formally coaching students and 23 years hearing stories from corset clients who have successfully corset trained by themselves in a dedicated way, the most loss was 6.5″ in his waist in four months and the least has been about an inch in three months. Students have varied starting from a weight of 325 lbs. tops, down to 115 lbs. Note that start size, and overall weight loss is not as important as inch loss. Be sure to look for a down trend during training, not a day -to-day change, or you might get discouraged too early and not carry through a dedicated program for three or four months, minimum as we recommend. You’ll have to vary your diet, eating habits, and exercise to go along with the corset wearing and boost your progress forward. Of course you should start NOW to plan a maintenance plan for after dedicated waist training, or you will be prone to yo-yo right back up. Most of my students gain a bit back but only a very few have gained it all back and for understandable reasons (usually high stress). Our program encourages moderate changes that stick with you in the future. If you want more details, you might read m y 300-page manual ‘Corset Magic” on the topic, ordered off my website under the “Book” navigation button. Good luck, come back and tell us how it goes, and send pics as well. Thanks for your inquiry visit!

    • Hi there,

      Sorry for delay as I’ve just returned from vacation. Be of good cheer– and don’t give up! Wear that corset six days per week building up from two to 10 or more hours slowly, lacing down only about 2″ (really should be about 3″ under your corset). There’s a lot more info on how to go about it in my detailed Corset Magic book, and a lot of inspirational stories to motivate you to keep on keeping on! In two weeks? not much change at all would be likely. My students in the coaching program have lost from 1″ to 6.5″ in three months of serious waist training, starting at about 120 lbs up to 325 pounds. Everyone differs and the results are quite individual, you are right. Remember zumba and kickboxing are aerobic exericses; you need to add in waist-targeted oblique muscle floor exercises five nights per week as a rule, 30-45 min. a time. Check out other blogs and our website for more inspiration and information (waist training and FAQ buttons). Thanks for your visit and comments.

  3. susan

    I’m on my day six of waist training. Yesterday was my first day I made it a full work day. When I got home I was ready to be done, so I took off my corset and noticed red dots everywhere. My boyfriend said it looked like heat rash. I live in a humid area and I swear I lose 50 calories just putting on my corset. Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent this.

    • Hi Susan, I’ve never heard of “dots,” but spots or areas of the skin might get red from the newly-applied corset pressure. Remember that pressing down on the skin tends to deprive it of blood, and a red spot might be an incipient bruise. In addition, yes, red dots might be heat rash, since corsets will tend to raise the body temperature and cause perspiration underneath. It’s important to wear a tight cami under the corset to wick away moisture (not 100% cotton but microfiber is better), or perhaps try talc before you corset (for some this irritates under the corset, for others it works). Also, gently rub your skin with a flat hand or even child’s hairbrush (soft!) when you take the corset off, to increase circulation. Be sure you are not moving too fast or lacing too tightly until your skin becomes accommodated to the corseting. You can always divide your training hours in two parts each day, or corset at nighttime or when you anticipate being inside an air-conditioned building, although long, consistent hours of gentle lacing seem to work best for most. Good luck.

  4. Stephanie


    Just wanting some advice as I’m thinking of starting waist training in the near future.
    I currently do kickboxing and Jillian Michaels 40 Day Shred and Burn Fat Boost Metabolism DVDs (focused on strength and ab work outs).
    I read somewhere that doing strength and ab work outs is bad for girls who want to do corset training but this doesn’t sound right to me so I’d just like some other opinions.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Stephanie, Thanks for visiting our blog and your inquiry. It reminds me once again, that the foundational answer to your question is: use common sense above and beyond any other thing when thinking about how best to go about corset waist training. Your question is a great one, because you are thinking, and you seem to be using common sense to pursue an adequate answer! So my answer is based not on my medical background (of which I have no training) but on my and others corseting experience and discussions with experienced corseters for almost 24 years now.

      Almost every individual responds to waist training (not to mention everything else in life including exercise, etc.), on an individual and unique basis. But think about anatomy. Which are the muscles that you want to tone, tighten, and reduce fat above and around, i order to sculpt your waist? To my mind it is the underarm diagonal obliques wrapping the waist, and the lower, horizontal transverse abdominal (below the belly button). so the question becomes, what will enhance toning and tightening there, vs. plump them up or make them more firm and resistive to lacing down (gently and gradually over time as is proper for seasoning both a new corset and you!)? That is the question to ask your ‘corset experts’ and physical trainers at the gym. Without knowing one thin about you, your genetics, general shape and condition, layering of fat, experience with corsets, etc., I cant really answer your question with precision. From a very general perspective and thinking about my clients and specific waist training students over the past 15 years, I can say that laying off frontal sit ups enhances training while side ways situps working the obliques helps, and also learning to pull in and hold that transverse muscle (in repeated sets) helps. Keep up your aerobic training and strength arm and back training/exercising is fine, of course. Hope that helps!

  5. Jatanie

    No frontal situps? So what abdominal excercises are used to help during corset training?

    • Hi there, Any exercise using the oblique muscles wrapping around your side waist will help tone and tighten them and work toward pulling in the waistline. We find that frontal situps “pooch” outward and develop the rectus muscles making a “six pack” that forces outward the corset. It makes a lot more sense to us to work those obliques during corset waist training! Our chapter from our book on exercises specifies a number of exercises we recommend but you can also find many online these days. Good luck with waist training!

  6. Storm

    Hello! I already have a decently small waist but will waist training flatten out my love handles?

    • Hi Storm, Thanks for your visit to our waist-training blog. If you check out our moving gif page on our website here:
      http://romantasy.com/index.html?BodyURL=ZXQ/second-level-pages/before-and-after-photos.html (click on “view” more photos), scroll down and look at the before and after images of Amy. Amy is a transwoman corset client with very little body fat to begin with. Amy came to me wishing to try corsets to lose her ‘love handles’. I’ve had post-lipo genetic women clients come who enjoyed a flatter post-surgery belly, but wanted to address their love handles as well, something that lipo seems not to specialize in reducing. Amy (and these women clients) had quite a bit of notable success in sculpting downward this area of their midriff. So my answer is yes, most likely (without any guarantees), you can sculpt downward that area of your torso. I’d be interested in seeing your own before and after training pictures if you care to share them, as well as email reports of your progress. Good luck with waist training!

  7. Joyce T.

    Hi, i recently brought my first corset and only wear it doing the day should i wear it at night while sleeping? I’ve had it for one week and starting to wear it in the second lace already.

    • Hello Joyce, Congratulations on your first corset, which I hope will always be special to you! Myfirst piece of advice is to always ask questions of the manufacturer of your corset! They alone know how it was constructed, the weight, the durability and the fit and thus, will always give you accuracy in advice. Any reputable corset business or maker should actually provide a wearing guide of some kind, or be able to receive a call and answer your questions. My general advice is not to sleep in a corset until you wear it at least 20 times to properly and gently (not tightly) “season” it working up to long hours before you lace down. Of course it depends on your size, shape, how the corset was made, and all of t he above. I hope this helps!

  8. Deb alaniz

    Hello…i see these comments have been left few years back. I will begin corset training when it arrives next week. I am 34 years old and weigh 125.My last son was born 16 years ago and I am frustrated to still have this soft belly…seems flat when I stand but soft movable…lol…when I sit or lay which is annoying. I do exercise and eat healthy…
    Will this help my last attempt to get a tight tummy?..

    • Hello Deb, I have to smile somewhat ruefully, because as I have aged (gracefully I hope!) I have noted that a little belly below my waistline is appearing slowly! I’m a good bit older than you of course, so you should be able to address this matter with a bit more effectiveness than I can, tho we must always attend to our figures and above all, good nutrition!
      Think however, that women are meant to be curvy, and soft. We can’t be a hard body unless we are wiling to become a body builder or fiugure model with all that that implies in terms of discipline and time out of one’s life to achieve that rare result. Also, I have seen some liosuctioned bellies in my time owning Romantasy, results that I personally believe to be “botched”, tho the person was pleased. And lipo simple does not scoop out the sides of the waist needed for a true hourglass, pleasing shape. When you scoop out the lower belly in front, it then looks artificially flat, compared to your overall torso shape and size. If you tinker with one thing, it may put your symmetry and balance out of whack.

      That being said, can you work on tightening the waistline muscles? Yes! A corset will hold in and push in a bit, the lower belly if you get your measurements right center front from the waist down. (I can help you with that if you choose a great Romantasy corset!). There are three sets of waistline muscles: the obliques (side of y our waist), the rectus (up the front of your body) and the transverse abdominus. Bing them to see graphics of the location, or order my exercise chapter in my Corset Magic “how to” manual (or the whole book!). If you concentrate on exercises targeting the obliques but moreso, the transverse (and have not had a caesarian which cuts that muscle), then you can improve the hanging belly a good bit. Learning to stand straight and pull in that transverse, can make a huge difference as my coaching students have learned (take a look at my waist training coaching page to see how bellies come in after only a few short weeks of corset waist training). Hope this encourages you to get started — and don’t give up! Don’t expect perfection, don’t expect to look like your 20-yr old self, set moderate goals and go for them! Want to try a corset? Email me or call: 415 587-3863 and we can chat further.

  9. Persephone Garcia

    Hi i want to start waist training and i was wondering if i have big love handles will the corset make them look flat once i put the corset on or will they still look big??? Please reply i really want to get know my love handles are getting on my nerves and i want to get rid of them and i want to know if they will look flat or not anyways please reply thanks! 🙂

    • Hello Persephone, Thanks for your visit and question. Steel boning used in typical good-quality custom corsets will push the torso and flesh inward, upward and downward. It cannot disappear flesh or fat, so usually some waist-targeted exercises must go along with corset training, but temporarily most likely your posture will improve and the love handles will be pushed inward even if you experience no permanent slimming. I have had both full figured and slim men and transwomen waist train with a corset. Immediately there is improvement in shape and posture and over time with certain patterns of nutrition and corset wear, I have seen love handles reduce and disappear. Take a look at our corsets for men button the two images of Amy mid page to see her disappearing love handles in an already slim individual: http://romantasyweb.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=R&Category_Code=ctw Amy joined our coaching program and achieved the results shown (about a 1.5″ waistline loss) in three months. Please check our waist training pages out and let me know should you wish more individualized informationi via email to: inquiry@romantasy.com

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  11. Krissy

    Idc about my stomach but my love handles is a big insecurity will waist training get rid of love handles

    • Hi Krissy, Corset waist training to my knowledge and experience both coaching students in my three-month program, and just from client feedback, works really well on love handles, to reduce them, if you follow most of the program I outline in my book Corset Magic. That requires about six days a week corset wear according to a simple program, good nutrition and waist-targeted exercises to achieve the best results over a three month period. We all know that after making some changes (be they diet, fewer calories, more eercise or corset waist training) in our bad habits, if we revert to them we will revert to our former problemmatic figure and size. There is no magic corset training pill to take or program to follow that is truly “permanent” without you making some reasonable changes in habits and practices that got you to the place where you want to change. To see love handle reduction via my three month coaching program in my student Amy, take a look at the morphing before and after images here (rather amazing to my viewpoint):http://www.romantasy.com/images-morphed/amybackmorph.gif
      Let me know should you wish further information, a good waist-training corset, or to join our coaching program. Good luck with corset waist training, and aim at improving your health first and foremost! Your figure will then follow.

  12. Sarah

    There’s a lot of misinformation in this article. You will not lose 2-3″ the first day. Maybe I misinterpreted something there, but you won’t. Not unless you go sweat for an hour but then it’s only water loss, and it’s very unlikely it’ll be 2″. Maybe 1″. I only say this as I was an esthetician before going back to school to pursue my dreams. We did body wrap under heat lamps creating a high temperature to inhibit sweating, and on a good day a person would lose about an 1″ in the process. About 3/4″ was more realistic, and it returns within a few days.

    Also, you don’t lose fat and gain muscle. How you come up with the idea you gain muscle during weight loss, you might want to elaborate on to clarify this. Often with weight loss, you LOSE muscle unless you are strength training and consuming an adequate amount of protein, daily. That means scratch off the cardio. You’ll likely lose muscle.

    You state your client list 5 lbs of weight in 5 weeks, and follow up with “clearly it’s not that important”, and I’m assuming you are implying it wasn’t that important of a factor. A pound a week was probably the MAIN factor to her 2″ waist drop. I guarantee it.

    Waist training can cause more harm than good if it isn’t done appropriately. People, please don’t buy in to the misrepresentation in this article, regarding the subject. Waist training takes a long time. 5 weeks will not gain you that result. Exercise and dieting will!

    • Hi Sarah, I apologize if I was unclear in my blog post and if you became confused. However what I blog about and state in my 300 page training book, Corset Magic, is based on 26 years in corseting, discussions with over 400 corset enthusiasts plus about 8,000 clients over the years, and 20 yrs in coaching 30 students in corset waist training. In addition, I base my information on my own continued research, and on speaking with 8 medical professionals in depth about my recommendations. Thus, I sincerely feel you are misinformed and have jumped to an unwarranted conclusion that I have misrepresented anything in this or other articles or blogs. However, I’m glad you pointed out some possible confusion in my writing. Just by the number of blogs I’ve written since I’ve been studying this process, I’m sure errors may creep in! Of course you are correct that no one “loses” 2 to 3″ in their waistline the first day of corset wearing! I doubt that anyone would conclude that from my comments or website comments. What I meant to say was, “When a person first puts on a corset, normally most folks can lace it down about 2 to 3″ from their natural waist size, and wear it for an hour or two quite comfortably. But to make permanent change, more dedicated daily wear coupled with corset-friendly nutrition practices and waist-targeted exercises, will be needed.” That should make sense to you now? You are right that the first loss is water loss, however, it is my experience that yes, students in my program did lose fat and develop more muscles, and more muscles that are toned and tightened at the waistline. In fact, most of my students after a month or so of dedicated waist training, note a bit of weight gain, not weight loss. They are sometimes stunned but I assure them that that is rather typical and to keep going in order to experience some weight loss. The point I was trying to make that did not come across to you, is that weight is not that important, commpared to measurements, for that very reason. I want my students to concentrate on measurements when waist training and not on weight loss. And yes, I do recommend strength training and waist-targeted exercising as part of any sound corset waist training program, so we are in agreement there. I’m not too sure about harm that can come from incorrect waist training as I’ve heard of no reliable report of any permanent harm, but yes, going too fast and vigorously can cause or contribute to very uncomfortable results to be sure! I’d surely love to keep in touch and welcome any further comments, to help me clarify my points! Thanks for your visit.

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