Tripping the Light Fantastic of Mis-information about Quality Corseting

* NOTICE: Bay Area relationship therapist, Dr. Claudia Six (415.453-6218), specializes in advice for women on body image and our relationship to food. Check it out: Dr. Six is a former assistant at our ROMANTASY storefront before we closed to go full time on the Internet with corsetry.


I feel so disappointed in this corset industry and so-called “corset experts” when I engage in emails to answer plaintive questions from people who have been bamboozled on the web. I just received the following concluding email from a series with a new corset purchaser from another corset business,  someone whom I’ve never met or served, and involving a corset business with which I am unfamiliar except for their web page.

When she first emailed me she was sure that she had purchased a “very high quality corset costing $250” in which to do serious waist training, but told me that she was noticing numbness starting at her pelvic bone and going down her leg.  This is certainly a dangerous condition requiring her to remove the corset (which she wisely did) until it passes, but now she needed a solution and some understanding of the cause in order to avoid this unhappy result in the future. Together we analyzed her situation and came up with some strategies to correct the situation.

Consider her story carefully, and examine the four silhouettes that various styles of corsets can create on one body – mine! To me, the differences are amazing. We hope you will come back to ROMANTASY for more advice on that matter and also to purchase your next corset to suit your individual body contours and needs, including budget —  as it seems that Jenny might do!

From Jenny:

“Interesting. The silhouette of my new, non-ROMANTASY corset on my body certainly does not look like the typical hourglass that the company publicized the corset as creating for suitable waist training….there is very little “roundness” out over the hips and rib areas (and thus it has led to creating numbness in my pelvic area and leg. Ed note: most likely Jenny has a U-shaped corset that is pressing down on the anterior femoral nerve running over the pelvic bone and down the leg).

“You’ve definitely made a very good point (to examine the silhouette the corset creates on my body). I will from now on refuse to purchase a corset if I cannot have access to detailed information on the specific corsetiere who makes my garment (my company only said they had ‘qualified corsetieres on staff’), and/orthey can’t answer my specific questions.

“Regarding not finding ROMANTASY and first coming to you, I was referred directly to (xxx) from a very convincing discussion on a remote forum (a generalized fashion discussion board) by a self-proclaimed ‘expert.’ I suppose I should not have  been so gullible. Being very naive I simply didn’t know what to believe, there is so much mixed/misinformation floating around the web, and I was timid about googling for myself. Thank you very much for your helpful and informative e-mails. I will refer anyone in need of info or corsets to your web page.”   (4/12/11)

Certainly words to the corset-wise! Any of your own stories to share?

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