Counting Calories? A Former Waist Training Student Speaks

I’ve been motivated recently by news item upon news item about new “diets” coming onto the scene, portion control, chef Jamie Oliver’s coming second tv series attempting to deal with America’s growing youth obesity problem, etc., etc., to think about counting calories again.

Below is what Sarah contributed to the conversation, and her strategy for not offending hosts at dinner parties. That strategy also applies to not offending mom’s who offer us fatty foods in enormous portions as a misguided signs of “mother love.” What do you think?

“Counting calories?  Never have and never will.  My portion size is determined by what will either fit in the palm of my hand or the size of my fist.  Out to a restaurant with other people, guest at someone’s home or at a potluck, cut the size in half so that when you feel the pressure to go for seconds you are fooling your mind as well as not offending your host by refusing seconds.
The only counting I’m concerned with is the amount of sodium. Bottom line is if you eat sensibly at all times and exercise regularly, you don’t need to worry about counting calories. Hugs, Sarah”

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