Learning — and chuckling– from the best, my waist training students!

I am still ROTFLMAO as I write this. Corsets should at all times be fun, as should waist training. I think my student Carl, has got that point down pat.

Typically I send students quizzes based on chapters in my waist-training book. When Carl expressed some trepidation about the upcoming quiz, I explained that I use these to ensure that students are groking the principles behind the program, and becoming one of the truly educated few among corset enthusiasts, a special group.

I further explained that I want to create soldiers in my army of those out to quash inaccurate exaggerations and downright lies and  misrepresentations about corsets and modern day custom corsets. If I don’t enlist corset enthusiasts from among by students and clients, then  stereotypes go on and on. It pains me greatly, not to mention makes my business even that much more difficult to support and from which to make a living!

In response Carl wrote a stage play that I repeat below for today’s laugh:

Picture an action movie with a scene in the back of a troop transport plane.  The voice over narration goes as follows:

Narrator: They are among you.  Some are clearly visible, others are hiding among the masses.  Tight-laced corseted soldiers of truth!

(Cue the dramatic and heroic music).

Narrator: Here we see one platoon preparing to drop in on an unsuspecting day time talk show espousing the merits of the latest Hollywood exercise craze and fad diet.  The audience and the shows so-called experts won’t know what hit them.

(Cut to a scene with soldiers lined up facing a wall.  All are in corsets.  Those facing the wall are having them laced down by a comrade.  A woman, in a corset decorated with insignia of rank, walks down the line with a critical eye.  She steps up to a soldier, pulls out a measuring tape, wraps it around his waist…)

General Ann: You!  Soldier!  You’re goal was 36″ today, not 36.5, not 36.25, not 36.1!  I said 36″ period!  So lets get that properly laced!  Suck it up soldier, you can do it!

Eager Recruit: (Shouts) Yes ma’am! (Nodding to the soldier lacing him down).

(The General turns back to the platoon and continues pacing)

General Ann: I am tired of hearing this nonsense about corset wear on our airwaves!  What are we going to do today?!?!

Soldiers: (Shouts) Inform the public!

General Ann: Do we have our sources memorized?

Soldiers: (Shouts louder)  Yes, Ma’am!

General Ann: Are we laced for battle?!?!?

Soldiers: Yes, Ma’am!!!

General Ann: I … can’t … hear … you!!!!

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