Does Size Really Matter?

We say it does! I’m referring of course, to portion control of food, not what you may be thinking about….errrr….

Take a peek at three size of ramekins on the left. Normally we serve ice cream (yes, we indulge occasionally in a bit of our very fave ice cream — full fat) in the 3″ one, but last night we ate the disgustingly delicious Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food in the 2.5″ one. If you haven’t tried this flavor, don’t, or you might get hooked as I have, and I’m not even a chocoholic!

Size of dishes matters as does size of the portion you put inside them. I recently talked about slipping up and eating a 600-calorie grapenut breakfast, but today, I ate a 300 calorie one with more quantity of cereal having more fiber content. I could hardly believe my good luck.

How did I achieve this happy result? Fiber One and Kashi GoLean provide two good solutions. The former in 1/2 c. portion size has 14 gm of fiber and only 60 calories or 100 calories with slim milk (unbelievable) while the latter in a 1 c. portion size has 10 gm of fiber and only 140 calories. Add 1/4 c. raisins for another 130 calories, and non fat milk for about 50 calories more.

Since I love the thought of re-fills of my cereal and that way, always feel like I eat more than I do and am psychologically pleased, I initially put only 1/4 c. of Fiber One plus 1/2 c. of GoLean in my small china bowl (see just prior blog comment) with 1/4 c. of dried blueberries (less calories than rasins!) and milk, ate that, then put another 1/8 c. Fiber One plus 1/4 c. of GoLean plus about 6 more blueberries but no more milk, for my second bowl. I was quite satisfied when done.

What kinds of high fiber – low cal cereals do you know about now on the market as we become more health-conscous, and stores start to respond to our requests?

Which reminds me: recently I asked at Safeway for gluten-free bread, but they had none. I wanted to try a 10 day gluten free diet to see if I felt any better and different. Now I’ll have to go to our local health food store for gluten-free products.  The other day our local CostCo did not have Ice, the no-cal lightly carbonated yummie cold drink I love. I sat down and wrote a letter to Costco and lo! The product soon appeared again on their shelves. So I’ll have to write to Safeway about my needs

If you don’t express your opinion about what you want to appear on the shelves, no change will ever happen. So get active on behalf of your own health!


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