Present waist training student doing well!

We just received this cute picture of Ashlee, our present waist training student from Alabama! She’s doing well into her sixth week of training with her pretty navy cotton-backed satin corset by our team corsetiere Sharon, who lives in the same city as Ashlee.  As for ease, she says: “Ann’s waist training program is fabulously fun!  I get to wear a beautiful piece of work every day.  Gradual progress keeps it pretty painless. Every day is a little bit different which keeps the program fresh and entertaining. It’s a great way to accomplish your goals in an exciting and sexy way.  It has definitely put a pep in my step and boosted my confidence.”

Ashlee invested in an in-person muslin fitting (interim corset in cotton fabric) to ensure a good fit, then lost so much weight that we had to shrink her corset a few weeks into training! But that’s a service we offer our clients in our “Client Care Program”, and at relatively little cost. That helps your corset fit you for years and years even if you do lose weight.

As for what seems to motivate her, and one thing I stress is to use the normal ego, and welcome the nice comments you will receive.  Ashlee says, “Everyone is very supportive and thinks it’s a totally unique and creative program I’m involved in. I get compliments on my beautiful corset when I’m out and my son tells me I look taller. He’s noticed my posture is improving already! My toughest critic, my mother, has commented on my smaller waist and is excited to see how far I will go with the rest of my program.”

We just got word out via a press release about Ashlee’s progress to various media, and we’ll keep you posted on her progress.



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2 responses to “Present waist training student doing well!

  1. Not gonna lie, I’m definitely interested. But where can I get a quality corset that fits my body specifically and isn’t extremely expensive?

    • Hello Elaine, I see that you are affiliated with a web business that promotes latex rather U-shaped cinchers? Those are typically rather hot and somewhat uncomfy, worn by male body builders, and as “starter” types trainers for the waistline. However, for truly effective and comfortable waist training, ROMANTASY promotes a steel-boned fully custom corset or cincher (there is no technical definition of cincher, by the way, but it is commonly known as a shorter underbust Victorian corset) with certain minimum qualities. We offer corsets in three distinct figure silhouettes which can be more of less comfy depending on the individual needs, desires and experiences plus body shape of the client. You may certainly get a “quality” corset from any of our three superb, highly-experienced corsetieres on the ROMANTASY team, starting at the competitive price of $305 up for cotton twill in an underbust Victorian style. While for some accustomed to Walmart pricing this might seem extremely expensive, considering the quality, strength, durability, effectiveness, and comfort, this pricepoint is truly moderate if not inexpensive over the years of wear. Of course if you pay $100 for something and wear it once, that is truly expensive. If you pay $300 for something and wear it 100 times or more, then it becomes inexpensive! Hope I can give you more personal help! 415 587-3863 Ann

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