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This morning I was stunned (why should anything surprise us these days?) to hear Dr. Oz on Good Morning America, discuss a new crash diet sweeping the country. (I missed it, but don’t much care). It’s called the “Hcg” Diet.

Apparently women are injected with hormones (‘Novarel” was one drug name I saw on the tv screen) to trick their bodies into thinking they are pregnant. This apparently dampens hunger, then they eat only 500 calories per day.

Dr. Oz says that he recommends no less than 1000 calories per day, better 1200 calories,  but “the medical establishment, when we see real folks with real results, we have to pay attention.”

I wonder why with his wherewithall, Dr. Oz has not found corset waist-training? Corset waist-training:

— No hormones, and

–no FDA-unapproved regimes that tinker with our body chemistry with unproven results (yes, absolutely no proof this new fad diet works, and no proof it reduces hunger)

Doesn’t corset waist training open a “vista of opportunity” for Dr. Oz and other medical professionals to begin to listen to countless corset-wearing folks who report almost immediate reduction of hunger, portion control, better posture, and greater sense of well being from wearing corsets?

For some years I wondered why the medical profession refused to endorse corseting. Then I came upon the evident answer: potential liability. A lawyer could sue if anything goes wrong! For that reason I suspect that a potential book agent I approached some years ago to find me a publisher for my waist-training book, said he was very interested in taking me on, but that I had to go find a doctor to put his or her name first on my manuscript. My subject-matter expertise, even 15 years at that point (now over 22), was insufficient to convince him that a major publisher, even a minor publisher, would be interested in my book; see:http://romantasyweb.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Product_Code=book01&Category_Code=moc

One month of hormones, according to Dr. Bisson Lionel who is touting the procedure, costs $1150. For that you could purchase FOUR sturdy waist-training corsets at ROMANTASY: one to start the program, one for the second month after you drop 1-2″ around your midriff,  one more for the final month of the program, and the fourth for the future. Four corsets. Or three, if you wish to doll them up with silk, lace, and Austrian rhinestones —  gorgeous corsets at that!

Dr. Oz says the new diet is for the short term, only about a month and a half.

In a month and a half of waist-training six days per week, my current corset coaching student, Ashlee from Birmingham, AL, has dropped 2″ in her waistline. She has dropped only a few pounds — but waist-training does not have to be associated with dropping weight if the student does not want it. In fact, sometimes weight goes up slightly as fat is dropped and muscles build up — muscle weighing more than fat. That’s why I don’t let the student obsess on weight, but concentrate on seeing a downward trend in inches over three months of training.

If as Dr. Oz says, “we can’t dismiss something because there is no evidence,” then I suggest that the medical establishment and general public should not dismiss corset waist-training because Stanford or Harvard have not taken on studying the results in a laboratory. Come to think of it, I don’t really want Stanford or Harvard, or the FDA for that matter, to learn about waist training and interpose themselves into the process — they might shut anyone down who gives advice on the web about the magic of corset waist training to reach truly fun and fashionable, plus healthy, results — all in about as fast a time as any weight-loss surgery or drug can do. It’s less invasive, certainly less expensive, and whole lot more fun than popping pills or being cut open to remove fat or install a gastric band. Try it and you’ll see!


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