The so-called “diet experts” — are they really experts?

I read a curious online article about the detriments of soy and soy additives. And I thought soy was advisable!

An advisor of mine on medical issues and a physician who has prodigious qualifications, just reminded me of this:

“I have previously comments to you that ever since bureaucrats and an assortment of s0-called, or self-appointed, experts, started to tell the public what they should eat (under the usual pretext of ‘what was good for..”), obesity has climbed like the proverbial homesick angel. Another classic mistake is to treat symptoms instead of their causes. Failure to use simple logic is as common as dirt nowadays.”

There’s no mystery in losing weight. Consume less calories than you burn. There’s also no secret to maintaining one’s general health: eat some of most everything in moderation.

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