We want it “easy,” “without trying,” and we want “tricks”!!

I was astounded to read the cover of my latest AARP magazine for Jan/Feb 2011 to see an article heralded at the top of the page with this title:  “Lose Weight without Trying! 3 easy tricks.”

There you have it in this amazing title about how we Americans approach figure shaping — and almost anything these days.

We want it easy. We want it without trying. And we want tricks to make it happen — yesterday, preferably!

The article, by the way, is full of great tips, many of which are common sense, which are also included in my book on waist training, and perhaps will be found in other books . However there are a few new ones I’ll share with you:

1. Most of us gain weight by eating only 100 to 200 more calories per day than we should. So it’s really not that hard to drop weight after all!

2. Portion size is truly key. Use tall thin glasses, use small zip lock bags to store snacks you carry around (in your purse and car, as I do in case of a hunger attack).

3. Don’t portion overload by keeping food by your computer and noshing all day.

4. Save desserts for weekends. Freeze half of what you make. (We use another technique for the two of us. One cake mix made up is too much for us, even one batch of cookies, and we tend to pig out so as not to waste it! But I cut the completed project in half, put it on a paper plate and cover it with saran wrap, and my partner takes it off as a gift for his favorite colleague at his work location.)

5. It takes about one month to break an old habit and replace it with a good one. (That’s the first time I have read this, but it’s  a reason I knew anyway, and one of the main reasons I choose three months for dedicated waist training).

A few other tips my partner and I have adopted include:

1. When asked if you want more at the end of a dinner at home or with friends, say no, that you prefer to wait a few minutes. Invariably we find we are fully satiated and never get back to seconds.

2. Be the first to start eating and the last to finish (so long as you don’t portion overload or go back for seconds!). This requires you to delay with conversation, chewing well, putting your fork down between bites, and other).

3. Dr. Oz says to not only use smaller dinner plates, but don’t let one food touch another; plate space should show through to help with portion control.

Want to send in your tips to control hunger or portion size, a sweet tooth, or a late night nosher habit?

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