Blog Time: Lower weight to 186 lbs. from 250 for 5’6″ tall folks, to permit lab band surgery?

What do you think? I tend to err on the policy/political side of fewer regulations and laws is better (knowing for certain that we have too many of each, not enough of the right kind, and not enough lawyers going after wrong-doers to give these laws teeth), but is “enough enough” and will this lowering by the FDA promote quick fixes that I so often rail against when it comes to weight and self-control?

Frankly, 186 lbs. at 5’6″ is less troublesome than waists over 35″ for women and 40″ for men, the known size that correlates well with increased risk of serious heart problems. Dr. Oz has been promoting use of the tape measure first and not the scale and I concur.

I know this has something to do with the lab band lobby and its power, but I suspect it has more to do with our search for quick fixes and instant gratification. I see that search everywhere today, and almost everyday in my email where writers want me to choose a simple corset for them and don’t have time to take to read only a few webpages that outline the choices at ROMANTASY.  We ask 20 critical questions whose answers permit me to guide new customers to the most comfortable, suitable choice of corset for their individual needs and specific budget; see,

It’s as if these ‘hurry-up’ folks don’t care about the product results, and are quite willing to assume the highest risk of disappointment and potential waste of their money. Perhaps they are rich and don’t care?

But I do, and more these days than in the past, I will happily find that they never reply with further requested information, or I end up by trying to politely send them on their way to search for a more suitable business — one that puts sales first, education and potential satisfaction second. I still refuse to do that, but it requires patience to do business with ROMANTASY, a personal virtue that I mention more than once on our business values page, which I will bet these types of folks never take time to read:

I hope you take your time this holiday season to hold onto real and significant values —  old-fashioned ones that put family, friends, education, art, patience, and pure enjoyment of being alive ahead of quick fixes and material things!

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