More debate about fats

I read with interest an article (and watched the video mentioned) appearing in a recent Lew Rockwell newsletter, of all things, dealing with fat:

The author Dr. Miller, thinks that fats have been improperly dissed in the past and that low carb is the proper way to diet. After discussing this article with a valued former waist-training client and now friend, I thought her response particularly suitable, and compatible with the way I come down on the issue, so I’ll share it here with you:

“Hi Ann, Interesting little video and article. I think the bottom line is what has happened to this country/world since the modern era began. Society tends to be more inside with their TV, Cable, video games and riding round in vehicles, personal cars or public transportation. Fast food has come into the equation.  It use to be moderation, and now it’s ‘supersize’ everything.  Why do we need 32 oz’s of soda with our meal?  Or a triple burger sandwich? I don’t see  triple baked chicken sandwiches, or triple steamed fish sandwiches. Today people are simply eating way too much and not exercising enough. There are so many diet plans that go around in circles, when all we  need is to go back to the basics of eating:  Small helpings and exercise.  The kind of thing that I have so much appreciated about your education and approach to nutrition and waist-training! Hugs, Sarah”
Read the article and let me know what you think.

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One response to “More debate about fats

  1. Julia Stone

    I find that in general, I can eat a “French Woman”‘s diet, albeit in small portions. That is the key. I love my wine and I love my cheese. Sashimi is the ultimate indulgence for me, as I am landlocked (Southwestern Missouri!) I nibble, I sip. I enjoy the sensual pleasures of food, but it is not necessary to gobble. My beautiful little Bella (pink satin!) hugs my body and tummy and reminds me that food is meant to be savored, but not inhaled! Fats are okay, but only in very small amounts.

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