What meaning has “FDA Approved”?

I found an amazing article in one of the online magazines to which I subscribe and I commend it to you:

It’s a bit ponderous, overly-long, and replete with extremist terminology, but we’ll forgive that because it provides a great reminder about the importance of thinking. It deals with the unjustified reliance that many people place on ‘governmentally-approved’ drugs, that is “FDA approved” drugs, to solve medical problems. Diet pills immediately came to my mind.

Here’s a bit from that article to peek your interest:

“The country is pacified by a blind belief that the drugs being prescribed to them have been proven safe because our government health agencies have our physical health and well-being in their best intentions.  This is a lie, an extraordinarily deadly lie. Iatrogenesis, medically induced injury and death, is the number one cause of death in American medicine annually, since only a small percentage of these deaths are actually reported. Each year more Americans die from preventable deaths due to our medical system than all military causalities in the two world wars combined. This is tantamount to medical genocide.

“One of the major causes of these deaths is the overmedication of Americans in all ages. The constant need for profits has created an environment that allows the pharmaceutical industrial complex to use their enormous financial and political clout to literally make normal life experiences into new diseases, such as social anxiety disorder, in order to sell its drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has been given the authority to pathologize life, with the drugging of our children, seniors, etc. For example, the leading cause of AIDS deaths today is a result of liver failure. This is not a condition of HIV infection, but a direct result of the anti-HIV drug AZT. Is it little wonder then that we are being intimidated and frightened into believing that mandatory vaccination is being touted even though the science of efficacy and safety, even the need, for these new swine flu vaccines is patently unproven. It is perhaps one of the largest falsehoods ever perpetuated on humanity that dwarfs the sleaze on Wall Street.”

I just heard a news reporter mention that the new diet “pill” is now a shot! Even less thinking and even less human involvement it seems.

Considering the above point, why wouldn’t the pill and shot manufacturers want to promote reliance on drug labels and governmental approval, rather than encourage us to think for ourselves, and put out a little bit of effort to drop those additional pounds with fun things like a three-month trial of corset waist training?


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