Surprising News about Corseting re: muscle tone

I just had a client whom I’ve come to know on a surprisingly deep human basis over the past three years, ring my door bell. I’m not one to like drop-bys very much, and I typically require appointments before opening my door. Something compelled me to open it this time, and for a few seconds of ‘catch up’ I chatted with my friendly client who promised to soon call and make a formal appointment to be measured for his third corset. One quick result of corseting he wanted to report, however, surprised me even more than his visit.

Although he wears his corset occasionally underneath female clothing when he choses to crossdress, he told me he also wears it consistently every night. Upon rising he removes his corset and goes off to the gym for a regular exercise routine. He reported that lately he has noticed that he has developed better and more toned muscles, and disappeared his back soreness when he arises from sleeping on a waterbed! His theory is that the pressure of the corset at night when we tend to relax and spread out in bed, keeps his muscles taut and constricted, and in that sense, enhances body memory and tone of the muscles themselves, perhaps like the electric stimulation device that promises the same results? I’m not sure about the scientific basis of his theory nor is he, but the body memory part resonates with my own theory about one of the primary reasons that corset waist training works.

Does anyone who sleeps in a corset or wears one regularly, care to comment or theorize with us?


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4 responses to “Surprising News about Corseting re: muscle tone

  1. I cannot vouch for wearing them over night, but when I do housework while laced up, I cannot bend, so I have to properly stoop. I get an amazing work out from picking things up off the floor, vaccuuming and putting dishes away. (The only thing– I don’t wear significant heels since they are not nice to my ankles.)

  2. Christina

    I’ve only begun nighttime corset training again in the last 2 months (do not wear one during the day) after finally weaning my 6 month old. I do get nice results as always but have noticed an amazing thing lately. Although I have been consistently walking on the treadmill 3 times a week during that time, I began doing crunches and other stomach excersizes in addition over the last 2 weeks, all in the evening shortly before bed. My results have been unexpected and incredible. Not only have I lost more weight but my waistline is becoming smooth and flat in record time. My only explanation is to assume, as you have said, that the corset enhances muscle memory and that while the muscles are healing from the trauma of excersize they are restricted to restructuring the cells into the shape of the corset. I also have a theory that wearing the corset so soon after excersize insulates the stomach as would a belly belt and burn additional calories.
    It truly has been unbeleivable and I hope to hear others have the same happy result.

  3. Lish

    I know this is an old post, but just in case someone else randomly comes across it like I did, I thought I’d leave my two cents as well. I started corseting from 6 to 23 hours/day most days of the week in about March of last year. I would always do a very good ab and lower back workout before putting it on to sleep at night. I’ve never been overweight but always had a larger waist, about 28 inches at 122 lbs and 5’7. Even though my stomach was flat, I was just wide. I absolutely did notice that my waist reduced much quicker than with regular weight loss and exercise. By mid-summer my stomach was so tight and toned! You can see the difference between then and the summer before in pictures. Even though I weighed the same, I was much curvier and more toned and tighter in the middle.

    I also think it has something to do with the muscles healing themselves while constricted in the corset. Although I can’t say for sure of course. I’ve also considered that it may pressure fat to deposit elsewhere. I had a friend who always wore very tight low cut jeans and tight underwear and had a permanent belly role that dramatically stopped about 3 inches below her belly button, perfectly matching the persistent pressure exerted by her clothing in those areas. She thought it was genetic or something, but after switching to higher cut clothes the role smoothed out over time. So the same thing could be happening with corseting as fat might get deposited elsewhere, under or above the tightly bound waist.

    Sorry that was so long, but hope it might help another random inquisitive visitor!

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