Anything that seems transparent, usually isn’t!

I recently found an interesting discussion on obesity and culture, in an interview with Doug Casey, on at:

“You know, Michael Moore, who is physically obese, intellectually dishonest, and philosophically unsound (what a pathetic combination – he should run for Congress), made the argument in his ridiculous movie that the average Cuban is healthier than the average American. That’s totally correct – but it has absolutely nothing to do with the health care system. The average Cuban isn’t healthier than the average American because his health care system is better. It’s a horrible – actually, a primitive health care system. The technology stopped advancing there back in 1960, and the doctors stopped learning new things in that year… medicines… Nothing has changed since 1960. But the average Cuban is in much better health than the average American. – There are two reasons for that: he has a much better diet, which is to say that he eats way fewer calories (and they are unrefined calories), and he gets a lot more exercise than the average American. – When things change in Cuba, so they have a diet like that of the average American and the same kind of transportation as the average American, the average Cuban will be in much worse shape. – People conflate the health of a population with a country’s medical system, when these things really have almost nothing to do with each other. – What this actually shows is the degraded state of American society. Instead of taking some personal responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices, they try to rely on medicos to engage in heroic efforts to keep them alive with tubes up their noses after they’ve become flaccid and bloated from a lifetime of bad habits.”

(To which the interviewer said:)This reminds me of the way Romans were said to have gorged themselves at banquets until they couldn’t eat anymore, proceeded to the vomitorium to unload, and then headed back to their couches to gorge again… But that might actually be healthier than what so many Americans seem to want to do, which is to eat all they want and then have it removed surgically later.”

To which we say: a-woman! The message loud and clear here, is to look beneath the surface of anything that seems transparent.  It likely isn’t.

I’m led to wonder if the base of all troubles both personal and professional, goes right back to the notion of personal responsibility? The first way to demonstrate responsibility is to start with thinking. And the way to end today’s musings is to paraphrase Will Rogers: “Thinking is extremely uncommon.”


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