Today’s observations about media hype, ribs, and patience

I found it instructive once again, to note the importance of media pandering to the allmighty dollar and the baser nature of some human beings. After David Letterman, a popular late-night tv host in America in case our non-US readers don’t know, announced last Thursday night that he was being attempted to be blackmailed for alleged extramarital affairs with some of  his staff which he then admitted,  his viewer ratings went up Monday by 36%, and this continued on Tuesday. Go figure the intelligence level of the American public. And the true objectivity and responsibility level of the American media.

The importance of this minor flap to corseting and waist training, you ask? Easy to answer. If the media prefers to focus on extremist stories and sensationalism that obviously sells to unthinking recipients, don’t you feel media may or will tend to do so the same when it comes to the controversial corset and the common prejudice or stereotype that corsets hurt, are antiquated, and anti-feminist? Please don’t trust everything you read, is our bottom line.

On another entirely different matter, a long time friend and artistic designed of our current website, Lydia, pointed out the following regarding ribs:  “We all know that guys don’t have one fewer ribs that gals, but until a couple of days ago, I was unaware that a significant fraction of the population (of the order of 8% in some sources I’ve seen) actually do have a different number of ribs, even if not because of The Fall From Grace!  Here’s one reference with quite a few details and even a bunch of x-rays.:”

The only gender difference I’ve noted over my past 20 years in the corset business (yes, 20 on January 7, 2010!) personally measuring most likely over 5,000 folks (with another 5,000 as long-distance clients), is that men have a shorter vertical distance between the lowest palpable rib and the top of the pelvis, making the hourglass or was- figure silhouette the most comfortable–but not the most artistic or desirable–to wear because it provides plenty of room and sculpts out over the ribs. The ice cream cone silhouette tends to press inward on the ribs as it descends straight down from underarm to waist. Take a look at our graphics on these silhouettes and you’ll see what I mean:

Silhouette differs from corset style, so be sure you understand the difference when you shop:

I’m happy to help you sort this all through to ensure that you have the level of comfort, fit, and longevity in the corset you order from ROMANTASY. After all, client education is our first commitment. In exchange however, we’ll ask only that you do a little homework to research and gather the facts we point to on our website, then  gather your thoughts and communicate accurately and upfront, not dragging out our email back and forth to 20 or 30 emails as some clients do. The latter situation makes it far too easy for your order to become garbled in the translation and for us to lose the thread of our conversation and analysis. When you want to order any corset, you’ll be rewarded if you take a bit longer, don’t rush the process, then patiently wait for corset perfection as your skilled corsetiere works her or his magic! Remember the old adage: don’t be penny wise and pound foolish!


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