Shall I Lose Weight First?

I’m often asked the above question, and I suspect that those posing it might be seeking a reason to procrastinate putting forth a wee bit of effort to improve their health and drop some weight.

Nearly always I respond with my own question back, of: “Why wait?”

Indeed, why wait using a fun and fashionable corset to assist other programs to figure shape, and boost progress forward? I know some experienced waist training educators who might disagree, but I’m not one to avoid having a bit of fun and finding beneficial ways to move forward now and not later, in achieving my reasonable goals.

Nor should you.

We address this matter on our comprehensive FAQ page in Section E which I commend to your attention:

Since corsets come with a gap in the back allowing for some weight reduction over time (or even a wee bit of expansion, goddess forbid!), and since ROMANTASY corsetieres are willing (as many are not) to shrink a corset by moving over the grommeted panel at least by an inch or two, plus the fact that we will help you sell an oversized corset in our consignment program:

then, why wait to start corset training?

I’m certainly not one to enjoy pain. Fun, yes. Fashion, yes. And a moderate amount of effort that might amount to a great deal of huffing and puffing that approaches maximum discomfort some days while waist training, well yes–even that.

But corset waist training is maximum fun, too, especially if you love receiving those admiring glances you will immediately garner at your improved posture and immediate 2 to 3″ reduction that a new corset will nip off your waistline. You can rather easily bear up for the initial 1-2 hrs. or daily wear moving up in hours before lacing down 1/2″ and dropping back in time that is required by the standard roller coaster method of waist training that we recommend.

So why wait? Truly we don’t know of one good reason – but we can imagine a lot of excuses that can easily divert you into dieting too often doomed to failure. We know most diets don’t work because hunger rears its ugly head, or because your diet doesn’t concentrate on the broader picture of moderate lifestyle changes needed to resolve matters getting you to the place you now are. Yet corsets quickly and easily disappear hunger in days if not short weeks, and provide a lot of reasons to motivate you to continue and enjoy losing weight in the process. Just take a look at our remarkable students, now over 25 who achieved noteworthy success in our coaching program that lasts only 3 short months:

If you’d like to chat with some of them we’ll happily put you in touch, so you don’t have to take our word for the magic of corset waist training.


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One response to “Shall I Lose Weight First?

  1. Bettie Russo

    Hi there! I poped onto your website and it is wonderful. I was blessed to be raised in the “Old Dominion Way” of the deep South. I had a wonderful old Great Auntie that taught me all I needed to know about corsetry. This was when all us girls(cousins) down in her home in Texas were caught playing in her old corset’s. We were playing “Gone With the Wind” and she scoalded us girls…”girls, you get in here right now. If your going to put on your stays, ya’ll have to do it in sessions! Now, first session you put on your corset over a chemisette. Lace it just comfortable and walk around for 1/2 hour. It will begin to loosen up on you like a worn out old shoe and then yall will comence to the next session. Now, this one is laced up tighter than the last, and pretty well tight. Keep standing, and walk around another 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. You will then notice it getting loose. Now, on the last session, your innards will have adjusted to the corset and you may then ‘Hold On and Suck up!” and very tightly lace it. It will be uncomfortable for just a few minutes. You may then feel complete support and carry yourself with complete poise and grace as all well bred young Southern ladies should. Now one more thing… get out of your stays in the exact same sessions to allow your organs to readjust . This must be carefully tended to in order to avoid any discomfort. You will be much the better for it .” My Great Great Aunt Gladys was absolutely right. I have worn a tightly laced corset many times in life, from my debutant Ball, weddings, and Civil war reenactments in total comfort. I just thought I might share this cute story and advice with you and your readers. I miss my old Auntie, and am sure she is looking down from heaven every time I lace to be sure I am ” doing it in proper sessions!” As for the question of eating well and while in our stays…. I use a great old Southern trick as well. I keep some frozen sweet snow peas in the freezer. These are great to just munch on , and if mixed with the diced carrots, and a ice water with lemon juice and a sweet little bit of sugar, not chemical, and it is light on my tummy, and my stays. Take care ladies. And remember the sessions.
    A born and bred Southern Belle, Mrs. Bettie Russo

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