Approach public information with caution as it relates to waist training!

Yes, even approach what you read on Romantasy’s blog with caution–although you will definitely NOT find the kind of non-factual, over-generalized and harmful comment about alleged physiological and skeletal responses to corseting and waist training that you well might encounter on other websites, even by corsetieres and corset wearers who speak of what they apparently do not know.

Our client, blogger, and friend Kellie was kind enough to send greetings from Alaska, and refer me to this 2008 comment about waist training: “I don’t do it, but I know some who do,” Coath says. “It needs to be done very carefully, or it can damage ribs and internal organs.”

Coath is quoted in a rather extensive article on corsetry in Australia appearing in a January 18, 2008 article in the Sydney Morning Herald. She is 22 years old and a fashion student. You may read the article on the web here:,2.jpg&imgrefurl=

Unfortunately, this kind of comment is not supported by the facts, and is irresponsible in our view because it encourages exaggerated fear of and prejudice against corsets, fear and prejudice that reached their heyday in Victorian days.

In writing my book on the topic of waist training and to answer concerned questions I receive from clients from time to time, I took pains to consult 10 physicians, two nurses, and a Masters Level physical therapist, most of whom are my clients and themselves wear corsets. One physician is presently a distinguished forensic doctor, and was a former coroner and pathologist for some 30 years. Thus, he is initimately familiar with the body and its physiology and anatomy, as well as with corseting.

All these medical resources tell me that breaking ribs is very nearly impossible from corseting, although some soreness may result from lacing down too tightly or too precipitously for the style or one’s experience level. A percussive and/or abrupt powerful force such as happens in a car accident or fall off a high ladder, would be necessary to break ribs. In my 19 years in business I have met not one person who claims a corset or waist training broke a rib, and only met two or three who ever corseted to excess and felt some rib soreness the next day or two.

In addition, I know of no one who has personally experienced organ damage, and no one who has otherwise proved that corseting or waist training has “damaged internal organs.” Thus, I am at a loss to know to what Coath refers. I would be interested to ask the source of her statement. I doubt seriously that she could substantiate either claim she makes with personal experience, hearsay anecdotes of her friends, or any reputable factual report.

I am left to conclude that Coath is not a true corset enthusiast, because of her careless, inccurate and baseless statements. Perhaps youth has led her to certain excess of opinion, and we shall take it at just that.

We hope our readers will too, and will always take pains to search out responsible, knowledgable sources for information on the topic.

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