Is a trim waistline a sign of sexual inequality?

A colleague just sent me this fascinating article from the Dec. 4 Fox News website comparing the hourglass figure with the cylindrical one:,3566,461105,00.html

Apparently scientists have found that increased hormones add fat to the waistline, but also strength, stamina, and competitiveness. The researcher posits the theory that admiring a small waistline leads to, or reflects, sexual inequality! Shades of “The Corset Question” raised so often in Victorian times!

At ROMANTASY we have not noticed that our clients and corset enthusiast friends evidence the shrinking violet syndrome. A well-corseted lady or gentleman is the last person to over-indulge in unhealthy eating habits or poor posture, and the first to stress good health and moderate personal habits. Plus, fashionable corseting is just plain fun!

Could this type of research be just another apologia for the epidemic of obesity sweeping the world? What do you think?



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5 responses to “Is a trim waistline a sign of sexual inequality?

  1. I think that the scientists are working with designers who have given up on trying to keep the body looking nice. Pre-WWI women were skinny and curves indicated who was getting the best food. We live in an undisciplined society that is just expanding to fill it’s casual attire and sweat pants. If scientists are telling women that they don’t need to have a waist, that it indicates sexual issues, someone is making money.

    Who reads FAUX? Look at the audience. I want to make a slam about conservatives, but I won’t. 🙂 I read them, but I take everything with salt!

  2. Alexis

    “The researcher posits the theory that admiring a small waistline leads to, or reflects, sexual inequality!”

    I always find these kinds of statements interesting. It implies that the narrow waist would be seen as the inferior in the comparison, but doesn’t really say that. My personal observation is that narrow waists are indeed admired on both males and females; and that there is an inequality between those with a narrow waist and those with a less narrow waist. However, the inequality is in favor of those with the narrower waist.

  3. 7y0mTS Thanks for good post

  4. Stella

    So, a bigger waistline indicates greater strength and stamina? Well, that’s certainly believable. Oh look! A pig just flew past my window!

    Seriously folks, I think someone out there is jealous because she doesn’t have a nice waist. My advice to her: get a life. And get a corset. Then you too will have a rewarding love life.

  5. Delmuir

    Another fine example of a conclusion not supported by the facts… I’ll criticize the media’s faulty logic another day.

    I’d like to point out that in the current cultural environment, wearing a corset is an act of immense boldness and confidence… it is a public (hard to hide that you are wearing one) declaration that you want to have a more idealized physique.

    Wearing a corset outside of special events is quite unusual and requires a firm sense of commitment and/or resolve not to mention defiance of the occasional hostility – something that can be avoided with absolute certainty by not wearing a corset. That is hardly the behavior of the meek or oppressed.

    In my observation, for a man or woman to regularly wear a corset it requires discipline and a strong sense of self.

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