Yet Another Quick Fix

Yet another quick fix, or re-popularized old quick fix reported today on Good Morning America. Apparently we are now going crazy using herbal cleanse diets to drop a pound a day or more…but of course it’s only water loss, not fat loss, and the weight is quickly gained right back. Plus these kinds of diets are typically defeated sooner rather than later by hunger. Corset waist training defeats hunger, and in a few short days or a week or so. That’s what my students consistently report, and hunger is one of two main reasons (the other is stress) that doctors tell us that diets don’t work. To me, this is one of the miraculous results of corset waist training, compared to all other diets, and something that Oprah has yet to fully grok. Hunger seems to be her problem (and for some, even attendant crankiness).

The corset somehow diverts attention away from hunger, and perhaps toward the entire bodily feelings while corseted, perhaps feeding one’s ego with admiring comments and glances that one receives when corseted and training, perhaps to more pressing physical challenges than that of mere hunger! Do you have an experience regarding hunger, or a theory about why corset waist training works to defeat hunger?


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  1. Tea

    Not being an MD and only speculating, I think that there is less room for the stomach to rumble around. It’s confined. There is less room to be filled.

    The obesity of western women is said in part to have much to do with the loose clothing.

    The corset to a degree for me is a boundary.

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