Clothing for the Well-Corseted Man

John inquires about how to find well-fitting mens’ clothing for tight-laced men who are not transgendered. I simply don’t know, in major part I suspect because the great majority of my men clients prefer NOT to show off their trim waistline, and usually present the opposite questIon: “How do I disguise my new waistline?”

I suggest that the answer is the same for John as for any female client, and that is to find a good tailor who knows how to expertly nip the waistline of men’s jackets and take in slacks. Women must eventually do the same because even putting a belt over a dress will eventually result in too thick and bulky of a waistline with too many folds in the dress fabric as the waistline is reduced, resulting in an unaesthetic appearance or the impression that the dress is ill-fitting. I’d love to hear other answers or suggestions to provide further help to our blog contributor.

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One response to “Clothing for the Well-Corseted Man

  1. John

    Hi Ann,

    Yes, I’m your current client eagerly awaiting my new CorVest!

    I think that what the current corsetry world for men needs is some sort of entirely new men’s fashion where clothes are designed to be enhanced by the corsetry, rather than one where clothes designed for uncorseted men wind up looking really ill-suited on them. I think, for instance, of some of the best-looking clothes men ever wore–those of Prince Albert’s era. Elegant!

    Surely, some really inspired forward fashion designers could create a new sensation in men’s clothes. It’s about time!

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