Post from early spring 2008: No, It Doesn’t Have to Take Years to Waist Train

I was surfing various corset comments and videos on YouTube today, excitedly waiting for our first ROMANTASY slide show (“Mood Indigo”) to pop up, when I heard a young woman speak about starting waist training and her “research” on the topic. It’s a popular topic today, as are the $100 corsets she touted as “great” for her purpose.

I seriously doubt that. Even if there are some steel-boned corsets to be found at that price, it’s not fair to a talented corsetiere (and you would have to be exceedingly talented and well-experienced to make a good waist-training corset) to underpay such skill and artistry which should be respected and adequately reimbursed at the very least. Same case can be made for teachers and ballerinas and others in our lopsided society where too often we hear of CEOs who run their companies into the ground yet take home millions in stock options as they exit the door.

 Just because corsets are ubiquitous doesn’t mean they are suitable for serious waist-training purposes. Nor was this YouTube speaker’s comment correct that it takes “months and months” for permanent change to come about in one’s figure. What that kind of change requires is a sound and systematic approach (health first) coupled with waist- specific nutrition and exercise plus good genetics and super motivation for a period as short as three months over which we have by now successfully coached about 15 students. We recommend moving from shorter to longer hours of continuous wear at a moderate level then dropping back to shorter hours at a slightly tighter level and building up. There are certainly other methods but this one gives you a regular sense of routine you and your body can rely on and grow to trust:  nothing dramatic, nothing that scary or challenging until you are well into the program and ready to “kick it up a notch” as Chef Emeril says, and change can and does happen in a few short months.

And it’s only common sense that whether waist and weight loss stay with you or not depends upon whether you immediately take off your corset and go pig out on Krispy Kremes or not — or opt to continue a healthy lifestyle doing what we call “maintenance” corseting — a topic for another post. My main point today being, take everything you hear and see on YouTube and elsewhere with a grain of salt, keep researching, and be sure you are seeing the whole picture and not one based upon a simplistic, inexperieced viewpoint or shallow research.

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  1. Natoma Chesnutt

    I’m not sure what date I received my first corset but it was in June. Without having the book Corset Magic for a reference I struck out on my own trying to season this beautiful garment and increase wearing time. I since have received my book which has been such a help and enlightened me on how many mistakes I had made already. In spite of my ignorance I’ve managed to increase my wearing time to almost constantly unless exercising or playing golf. It is now late August and I have trimmed 2 inches from my waist. I used to struggle with food cravings and a HUGE appetite both of which magically disappeared. I realize now that I probably rushed things a bit but my beautiful corset has withstood the punishment . I also have received my sleep corset which is lovely as well and am in the process of seasoning it. I guess the bottom line is everything that Ann says about corseting and having a quality custom made corset is so true. I’m hooked and the results speak for themselves!

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