Corsets from Paris

A friend sent me an e-article from The Sydney Morning Herald on May 17, 2008, revealing that a private fitting appointment with the House of Cadolle, a well known corsetiere in Paris: I lack the time and four-figure sums for a fitting at the House of Cadolle’s appointment-only couture lingerie salon, costs a four-figure sum. That means it’s more than $1000, and our Corset Fitting Salon at Romantasy is only $100, and takess 3 educational hours with refreshments and plenty of time to design the perfect corset. I’ve seen one of Mme. Cadolle’s creations in person by a client who ordered it custom, and while extremely well-finished, they do not seem to be of tight-lacing quality suitable for waist training. Be sure you know what is required!


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  1. Kristelle Beautreau

    Anne– I just want to add here that you give excellent education at your site as well as in the email. This isn’t something to take lightly. While tightlacing to get your waist down is not “hard,” it’s not something that you just do out of the blue, “I think I will tightlace for the next six months!”

    If I lived near you I would be grateful for the face to face meeting and the luxury of your shop, but reading your site conditioned me for what has become very successful at something that 500 crunches a day were not doing for me.

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