Musing about Corset Prices

Musing again about clients and their reaction to corset prices, I realized that folks either like to pay enormous amounts for “brand” label “haute couture” corsets (just learned from a NYC designer with whom I was e-chatting, that one cannot use “haute” unless one makes fashions in Paris! A-hem! We are well advised now…), or they like to buy really cheap ones. It’s the middle level corset prices that seem to flummox clients, and escape their understanding of value.

I also learned that some American designers who purchase their corset construction in Paris for US “haute couture” clients, may pay in the neighborhood of $10,000 wholesale, and may then almost double the retail cost.

Amazing what this says about what people value, and the dubious wisdom of shopping for clothing on the basis of “brand” or even price. Sometimes you do not even “get what you pay for” as the old adage goes, especially not if you rely willy-nilly on web or store representations, or even “eye candy corsets” without doing some pre-education about what it is you are actually buying.

I just ran across a wholesale corsetmaker website that advertises to retailers to buy their “made to measure” corsets, “individually constructed and hand made.” They do that in China. Or Thailand. Or Pakistan which is flooding our markets with these inferior, readymade styles. But it misleads the consumer who easily can expect a kind of “custom” or couture garment, rather than one based on standard patterns which more than likely won’t fit well, as one of my e-correspondents recently found out. Her readymade corset began to press down on her anterior femoral nerve on the pelvic bone and caused first discomfort, then leg numbness. Not good, and possibly dangerous! Her readymade style while certainly neat enough, was not the suitable fit for serious waist training or even for long hours of fashion wear, and my client wanted to waist train. Now she is back to ground zero, contemplating an order with ROMANTASY.

Another client with one lovely, fine waist-training “Bella” corset by Sharon McCoy Morgan, was stunned to realize that this spring in response to a worsening US economy, we lowered that retail price by $65 as well lowered our retail price by $10 on our little fashion cincher, the “Simple Pleasures”. Plus we launched a new team member, Jill, with a full custom underbust corset at $195 (base prices quoted in cotton, or satin for the cincher). This client is planning a new “Bella” order at the great new price! We wanted to point out these great values at ROMANTASY, launched to keep us in the “corset game” and responsive to the budget challenges most of us more ordinary folk face. Check them out here:

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One response to “Musing about Corset Prices

  1. Cristina

    Commenting on Ann’s statement that she just ran across a wholesale corsetmaker website that advertises to retailers to buy their “made to measure” corsets, “individually constructed and hand made.” They do that in China. Or Thailand., grrrrrr… I could destroy folks like these. How can unaware people feel sure about what they are getting [when language is so mis-used]??? That kind of site discredits the hard work of real corset makers. I know it’s advisable for you not to mention who they are, but I’d really like for you to share the information. As to their “brand” value . . . no comment!”

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