Another Quick Fix: Cookies

I must be on a roll today because I have to blog a second time today. When I googled a doctor whose 1975 book I purchased recently that changed my life (and bowel habits of certain relevance to serious waist trainees; “Dr. Siegal’s Fiber permanent Weight-Loss Diet”), I ran across yet one more “contribution” to the growing list of quick fixes this nation seems in a frenzy to find to address obesity. Apparently Dr. Siegal forgot all about the 9 tbsps. daily of wheat bran he was recommending in 1975 be added to the diet, and now manufactures and sells a cookie containing protein amino acids said to reduce hunger. He recommends you eat six per day, ordered right off his website of course — at the stunning price of only $2,880 for a year’s worth! We have a custom corset, the “Bella” by Sharon McCoy Morgan, suitable for serious waist training costing 1/10th that at only $260 base price in four fabric layers with waist tape and double steel boning and that will last at least the same amount of time, if not years and years longer. It will cause necessary moderate lifestyle changes, changes necessary to avoid backsliding after weight loss which Dr. Siegal’s cookie has been criticized as not offering his clients. Disappointing, Dr. Siegal, disappointing…and wheat bran costs how much? Apparently you couldn’t make a doctor’s expected income touting your initial low-cost, safe remedy?

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