Certain Waist Sizes Spell Trouble

Just was reminded yesterday March 27 on “Good Morning America” during the medial report of the research that says that women with waistlines over 35″ and men over 40″ are in danger not only of things we know about such as hypertension, strokes and heart attacks, but also of dementia, according to new research just out!

It’s the deep fat, or visceral fat, that is to blame for our health ills, and a wide waistline is the best sign of too much of that kind of fat.  That fat surrounds the organs such as the heart and liver, while subcutaneous fat lives just under the surface of the skin. Apparently it doesn’t matter your overall height, weight, or shape, just the waistline measurement. have you checked yours lately? So why aren’t corsets and corset waist-training more popular? Diets are clearly not working.

And did you hear Barbara Walters on The View yesterday lamenting the fact that the US is the most educated nation in the world on the risks and dangers of obesity, yet we keep getting fatter. In my Kaiser doctor’s office waiting room yesterday, I read that 2 out of 3 of us are now obese. Education is clearly not the key. What do you think it is?


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3 responses to “Certain Waist Sizes Spell Trouble

  1. Tea

    In my family we are slender. I have a bigger waistline– which is why I corset, but it’s age related.

    At my children’s school, their principal has a triple chin, and half the teachers are big, yet they have mandatory weight talks with the kids. What does it say with our role models being big? The kids joke about this– it’s not escaped them or their friends in the least.

  2. Why wouldn’t height matter to weight or waist size? A petite lady of less than 5′ of height & a 40″ waist would obviously have a higher body fat % than a 6′ tall lady with a waist the same size. I’m tall enough that my extra 60 pounds doesn’t look too horrifying, but that same extra 60 on a shorter woman could make her nearly round!

    • Hi Laurie and thanks for visiting! I see I may not have answered you. Actually my experience shows that several folks having the very same height and waist measurement, can have varying degrees of plasticity (ability to lace down). It isn’t really that someone carries weight better than another, and we all know there are various shapes at the same weight, that is, the apple shape body, the pear shape body, and so on.

      As for aesthetics, what pleases the viewer is highly individual! I’ve had a passerby at an exhibit of corsets be horrified at my 1″-reduced waistline (no trouble at all!) and she was convinced I was in pain! However, I have a genetically slim waistline from my mom’s side, yet have wide hips by comparison, so the contrast is notable at only 1″ reduction. I know men who adore the full-figure lady, and vice-versa. It’s no so simple as to derive general conclusions about aesthetics, ability to lace down, how anyone will feel when wearing a corset, and other corset-related questions. I often tell my clients that corseting and corset-making are arts, not sciences with definitive answers or certain predictions. Thanks for yoru comment and come on back to join the discussion any time!

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