The Benefit of Organized Weight Loss Programs

Hi Sarah,

I do agree with you that often the organized weight-loss programs do work, just like gastric banding or bypass surgeries do work well for some. In fact, a few of the tips I offer as motivation and advice for snacking well and heathily, are credited in my Corset Magic book to Weight Watchers, a “points” program that seems well-founded to me as does their overall approach as I understand it to be (one friend has used it to maintain her wieght, or get back to it when she slips, for years). And Marcia, one of my favorite full-figure tight-lacing corset models had tummy bypass years ago to  save her life, quite literally (she had serious health problems in part from genetics, in part from lifestyle). So we are not in disagreement at all, nor on your point that whatever works to keep one staying healthy must be a top priority requiring followthu and consistency — not that we all don’t fail from time to time in human kind of potato-chip-fetish kind of ways! Gathering all the common sense kind of support systems one can find, and using them together for one’s benefit is sound. I consider Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystems to be organized support systems as much as they are nutritional-advice programs — but certainly they are not akin to the “crash” or specialized kind of “diets” I do not believe in!

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