The Power of Cold Potatoes

Just read my March issue of Prevention Magazine (my favorite popular health-focused magazine) on page 84, to find something entirely new about resistant starch, a kind of fiber called the “new power nutrient” — and those potatoes we love to love (and beans and grains, too)! Being of Irish and German heritage you can imagine how much I love to eat potatoes, white, yellow, orange, gold and you name it! Of course we all know that sweet potatoes have the higest fiber content and are the best choice for those int0 serious daily waist training for exactly that reason (helps that food past right along and out as soon as it can).

 So here’s the scoop — but not of mashed potatoes, please. The potato has to be chilled, not hot (try potato salad, but skip the mayo and use yogurt and mustard or vinegar dressing).

Resistant fiber comes about when the foods above are cooled.  It gets its name because it “resists” digestion in the body. What apparently makes it different from other types of fiber that also resist digestion is that this kind has “powerful impact on weight loss and overall health by improving blood sugar control, boosting immunity, and may even reduce your cancer risk.”

 Just thought you ought to know! Anyone else have any up-to-date new nutrition news or weight-control tips?

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  1. Bernice

    Just read your blog intro and discovered that you’re quite interested in health. While we did not discuss this topic when we met on Friday, I agree that most take their health for granted and when some individuals enter mid-life, they reach a turning point where they are either going to stop abusing their bodies and treat it as something precious or their physical body, emotional well being and overall wellness goes on the decline faster than they can believe. For some it’s too late and no amount of desperate dieting, mythical health pills, fantasy cure-alls or surgery will or can fix their health problems. Sometimes these treatments can be more harmful than helpful. Many of these problems are accumulated over time due to the aging process and from their previous way of life and by mid-life it all catches up to them.

    I raced on an all women’s cycling team a few years ago. This was one of the best things I ever did for my health as achieving this level of fitness taught me an awful lot about my body, what I’m capable of doing physically, what is my ideal body weight based on actual body fat to lean body mass ratio (yes, I have been tested for this which is one of my measures for my overall fitness) and a bunch of other great lessons in life. I still pedal my bike 6-10 hours each week and try to do my best to eat healthy and seek medical intervention only when really required. If medical intervention is required, I seek health care providers that are willing to work with me and I won’t allow them to treat me like an ignorant patient. It must be a relationship built on trust and respect for each other. Same is true for most healthy relationships.

    Good health is much about what we eat also. Too many Americans (and now other parts of the world) simply don’t appreciate what they eat and how it affects their overall health. I could go on, and on but …….

    The ancient Greeks believe that taking care of one’s physical well-being allows the body to serve the mind better. It was true back then and just as true today. A big part of being beautiful is being healthy; this is true source of beauty that radiates from within any individual.


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