Risky Business, Surgery

Hello Dear Lara,

How nice to hear from you and get your blog post responding to my discussion of risky belly surgeries in place of old-fashioned and fashionable corseting and waist training! I’m fairly new at blogging and I’m often making mistakes editing and writing, but I’ll soon get the hang of it! You see, I’m a high-touch kinda person and not very high tech, otherwise known as a bit of a computer-phobe! Recently however, I’ve been learning to post my own shopping cart products and changes, all for the better I hope, so do take a look at our two new lines of corsets there, the Fundamental Line and the Classic Line — both especially well priced and hopefully, answering the challenges that we all face in today’s declining economy.

It was interesting to learn (again) that you are in computers and still agree with me about risky surgeries decided without sufficient forethought. I do have a good friend and corset model who had tummy bypass and it worked for her to bring down a very lethal high blood pressure; so sometimes surgery is the proper option. My problem is that surgery is too often the first, rather than one of the last, option pursued.

It’s a matter of common sense I think, to carefully evaluate both the pros and cons of any new trend, product, or health approach, and to also balance technology with art, science, and spirit. It’s more daunting these days at ROMANTASY than at anytime in the past, when this “want-it-now” type person who might easily pursue surgical remedies, also pursues high quality corsetry at cheap prices. Not only is that possible, it just isn’t fair for the highly talented and hard-working corsetieres on our team and elsewhere, honing their skills and applying their design abilities to contribute true art-for-wear to the world, skills which we should respect and be willing to pay a fair price for (usually at minimum wages, if truth be told!) and products we should revere and appreciate, as you have apparently been doing with your corset. I’m happy to hear about that, glad you saw us on the TV, and also happy to entertain your design ideas for a new corset style, or when you wish to try a new corsetiere on our expanding ROMANTASY team! 

Allabest,  Ann

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