As the proprietress of ROMANTASY, I’m happy through the recent encouragement and assistance of my many corset-enthusiast business advisers and friends, to be posting my very first comment on my brand new blog launched January 9, just a few days past my 18th year anniversary in business!

Please note that this blog is limited to discussions about health-first waist-training. I hope to answer your questions and learn about your experiences and advice for the many of us who adore top notch corsets!


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  1. Camilla

    Happy New Blog, Ann!

    You’re going to have so much creative fun with it. I’m looking forward to your articles and stories.

    Congratulations cyber-queen!

  2. Tea

    May God grant you many more years in business, Ann, and may you find a suitable replacement to fill your tiny corset when it comes time for you to retire! It’s great to see you in the blogosphere!

  3. Cristina

    Congratulations Anne!!! Happy new blog, and thank you 🙂

  4. charli

    Hello fellow corseters!
    I have been corseting off/on for several years and have recently started up again. due to health issues not related to corseting, I have to check my blood pressure regularly. Wearing my corset made my blood pressure go through the roof; 190/100. For several days I could not get it down with additional medication. It finally dawned on me to take the corset off which I did and within minutes my blood pressure dropped to 94/67 which is my normal. I am just starting to make real progress with my waist line and have no intention of quitting corseting but I will monitor my blood pressure more closely and take little breaks from my corset if it gets too high again. I’m writing to say please please my friends keep a close eye on your blood pressure while corseting. I didn’t have any symptoms at all that my pressure had gotten so high, had I not been taking my regular readings I would have had no idea what was going on. A blood pressure machine can be purchased at many pharmacies from around $30-$80 dollars depending on what type you get. i will continue corseting and hope that all of you do too but as safely as possible.
    Happy Lacing to all of you!!

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